September 12, 2022

I love Nostalgia.

Hard day, hard months. Not all bad. But a struggle to get up in the morning, which isn’t like me.

I’m working on my laptop at a cafe, glad to be out. Took me long enough. Working at home is a privilege in these times but can lead to depression, if I do too much. I need light, nature, community, movement.

Biked downtown (shaking my injured right arm out instead of using it on my handlebars, but that’s another story). Ran into friends, one of whom is suffering from Long Covid. He’ll write about it on Elephant, to help guide others on his tough journey, so look for it.

The first bars of Cyndi Lauper’s sad, fierce “Time after Time” come on the sound system &…


Nostalgia gets a bad rap, but it can be awfully wonderfully healing.

Nostalgia gets a bad rap. It can be smaltzy, sticky, dusty, depressed in its own way.

But when the moment hits just right, in the bold light of day, can be awfully wonderfully healing. Like the rays of warming sunshine this morning on the wet earth from a recent needed rain after record heat over parched earth with a seed of a flower just below, over Redford in my back yard.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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