September 8, 2022

I may be a Fuck-Up…

I may be overcaffeinated, but I still take the time to sleep and take deep breaths through the day.

I may work and often play on screens half of every day, but I still take the time to bike and feel the wind clear the cobwebs outta my brain.

I may feel sad on occasion, verging on depression, but I still get myself offline, outside, in community.

I may have a roiling to-do list each morning, but I still take the time to stretch and meditate, and dedicate the merit of my day to all.

I may feel hopeless when I look at the state of our world and we’re doing to our earth and animals and one another, but I still wake up ready to get to work to help how I can.

I may be a fuck-up, imperfect, a failure, but I’m still kind to myself. I may be kind to myself, but I’m still honest with myself, because I know the truth therein rests, and I want to grow and heal and be of benefit.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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