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September 17, 2022

What Does It Mean To Follow Your Dreams?

With all that is going on in the world, I believe this is the time to spread words of encouragement. Think about the age that you are right now, when you turn 80, will you have done everything you wanted to do in this lifetime? Let me share with you what it means to follow my dreams. First, I live for Jesus because he is Lord. Second, I have a choice – I can choose to keep dreaming about what I could be doing or I can take action and make it happen. Third, I believe in myself – With my heart and my soul, as they listen for the little voice that calls out when my passions knock on the door, when the reoccurring dreams keep me up at night, and when the lingering what-ifs haunt the back of my mind as I perform daily tasks. And lastly, KEEP TRYING – Do not be discouraged because God knows what he is doing.

As long as you are healthy, then you are capable of living the life that you want. Which brings us back to the question, what does it mean to follow your dreams? It means to create a tangible action plan, work on the skills that you lack, and rebuild the confidence that you need to be successful. One of these days, God is going to give in because you will finally be able to represent your gift, the talent that was ingrained into you the moment you took your first breath. I encourage you to KEEP TRYING because you must want more than what lies on the surface, so dig into the earth, and search for the gems that are waiting for you to notice them. Your purpose and your future are waiting on you so please, make haste, especially when it comes to your happiness. Remember, follow your heart, and you will never be misled.

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