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September 15, 2022

Why we need to let it go

There are many things that we want to hold on to especially if it has been difficult for us to get to that process. Sometimes at work or at home we take responsibility of something and get it done accordingly, the way we would like to because it is easier for us to control it or adapt it.

This happened with me recently. I moved in with my mother to look after her for a few months. I organised help, food, her well being according to what I thought would be comfortable for her and what she would like. I moved the furniture around the house. I organised her clothes, her toiletries, and her safety aspects, her daily schedule was designed by myself to ease her lifestyle.

A lot effort along with time and sacrifice from my family and myself went into this. Our lives revolved along this for several months. A lot of challenges came our way; there were many staff issues to deal with regularly. We didn’t go on holiday during the summer. Things got stressful but we did it, one way or another we completed our time.

When my father returned, I knew that he would change things. It is hard to let go of all the effort one puts in go down the drain in an instance. I invested myself emotionally, mentally and physically into this. For someone to come and change things around which is suitable to him and not of benefit to my mother is quite a task to digest. The pain pierces you and you are left helpless.

But, I was told that I had to let go. I had to do this for us as a family and for my well-being and myself. I had to forget and move ahead in my life. I had to shut it all out. I could not give advice because my father doesn’t listen so I just had to listen and sit back like a dummy. How hard is that? Extremely difficult.

However, I know that it is for my sanity that I have to do this. It is important to let go for ourselves and our family if there is something we cannot control in our lives otherwise that niggling feeling of inadequacy eats you alive. One delves deep into the negativity triggering the dangers of rumination.

Why we need to move forward:

  1. We owe it to ourselves

Just like students study hard and complete their exams with a feeling of satisfaction due to the hard work and effort being recognised, we need to do the same at times.

2. We must have some time off too

If we carry on in the same rut, we’ll go insane and make our loving family around us insane too!

3. We need to be productive in other areas too

In my opinion, we are born to love, help others and work hard in life and if don’t do either we’ll wither away! We need to flaunt our skills in other areas too.

4. Life goes on

Whether I am there or not, life goes on so I also need to go on to explore, interact, laugh, share, make memories too.

5. No life without wine

Yes, you must never forget to indulge in fine wine once in a while. It really does cover all of the above four points in one!

So practice letting go, because above anything else it’s cathartic as well as therapeutic.

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