September 24, 2022

Why Writing is Magical.

I’m here to talk about writing today.

The virtue of writing.

We need to open the prison door and let writing out of just being for this limited thing that is called writers.

Writing should be for any of us.

Writing is sharing our voice, sharing our, experience—and in so—doing processing our own experience.

And if we have the right motivation, we can serve and help others.

That’s what we practice in Elephant Academy.

Listen to why writing is magical: 

Applications for Elephant Academy’s Fall Find your Voice session close in just a few short days. Sometimes, to make a change, we actually have to make a change.

Find your voice—and use it to empower your life.⁠

Our voice can empower our work, relationships, & empower us help others.

Join Elephant Academy & find your voice, path, and community. ⁠

If you’ve been thinking about joining—take a leap, if so inspired.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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