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October 5, 2022

rebellion. conformity. truth.

I used to spend so much time trying to prove people wrong. I was your typical rebel without a cause. If you said “Don’t”… you know the f^ck I DID.

And the more I rebelled against the world the further I ran away from myself. Rebellion is that tricky little part of our ego that knows how to play it cool. Make us think we are doing our own thang because its’ wildly different from “their thang” but the truth is…. None of it is authentic.

When it comes down to it any decision you make based solely off the direction or perspective of a person or organization outside of yourself is a decision not made from your truth or personal power.

Being wholly fulfilled in and of yourself means choosing and living from your own set of values and standards. It’s not about the image of success society has bestowed upon you, it’s not about what your parents think happiness looks like, it’s not about what different organization say is right or wrong.

It’s about what is right for YOU!

Rebellion is a cop out. And so is Conformity. If all you have to do is the opposite of what everyone else is doing…You still don’t have to think for yourself. If all you do is obediently stand in line….You still don’t have to think for yourself.

I teach my clients to turn within. To remember the inner most essence of who they are and live from there.

It’s about living each and every moment according to what feels right in your own soul. Not because someone said it was right or wrong, worthy or unworthy, successful or a failure.

I teach my clients how to develop deep trust of themselves and for themselves so in moments of decision their intuition leads the way.

My clients create their own standards and core values for life and live in accordance with those.

They learn how to live a life that is no longer riddled with shame and guilt. They feel free and in harmony with who they are.

And when it comes down to it… They have the courage to respond to life and show up for themselves with ease because they are no longer held back or stuffed in a box. They become free, creative leaders.

Notice the ways in which you have put yourSelf in a box, either run from or toward someone else’s ideals and beliefs about the world. Notice what doesn’t feel in alignment for you, what does, and start to shape the existence you truly want to experience. Once breathe, one belief, one step at a time.

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