October 31, 2022

Thanks to you who subscribe, we’ve been able to rehire 2.5 of our editors.

Elephant’s 20 years young. And we’re just getting started. There’s thousands of us, millions, billions—who want a corner of the internet to remain independent, to be devoted to serving our daily lives, societies and planet. I aim to help our community fill that need.

A brief history: we were an eco print magazine, for 6 years. Then went online and grew to 13 million fans and a peak of 30 million readers a month. Then Facebook switched its algorithm to kill links and fake news rose, and journalism and indie sites like ours fell. Most are gone.

We’re still here because of those of you who subscribe. Thanks to you who make that commitment, we’ve been able to rehire 2.5 of our wonderful editors in recent months.

Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, TikTok, Twitter…and other Big Tech (billionaire short-term-profit-thinking but people-and-planet-not-caring pretty well own the internet at this point.

Online hate and fake news spreads at what little is left of journalism, too often, turns to clicks and partisanship, a la Murdoch’s Fox News.

Elephant is that rare exception—a community for folks to come together and share wisdom and have tough, but kind and opening conversations.

Read, share, subscribe—and when you do so, you keep a small corner of the internet free (truly free—when we pay, we feed what we love; when it’s free, we’re the product). ~ @waylonlewis

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Read 19 comments and reply

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