November 3, 2022

A card version of “It’s Never too Late to Fall in Love with your Life” is coming!

First snow of the year! Makes me so happy. Enough Marshall Fires, enough beetles never freezing & killing 25,000 of our trees locally in only a few years. Bring on the brrr! I heart all 4 seasons, they all revolve & as they do they inspire me to appreciate change & new & loss & letting go & every damn day. I’ve written about all that before on @elephantjournal @ecofolks.

So I met a pal at Leaf, am working on a project for the homeless community (more on that soon if it moves forward) & then Ryan & I biked out east on our glorious Boulder Creek Bike Path & saw the 1st proof of his new book! His 1st book! It’s such a moment. And I’m so inspired & proud of him & his work & play inspiring folks off the couch to get out there without being macho or exclusive about it. His whole thing is inspiring all of us, not bring rad, bro. His book is super eco, like mine, & local-printed, & gives a big EFF YOU BEZOS to Amazon, unlike 99% of authors or publishers out there. I’ll read thru it over the next few days w/my legs hanging out the tub & see if I can find any big problems, & then it’ll be in your hands in time for the Holydays! To order: @duzer on Insta will have more on that.

Tonight, author reading at Trident, a best cafe in the world! I’m excited to meet fellow luminary authors, this is a first! It’s a party supporting funding the Library. Come meet all the authors, we’ll read for 5 mins each & promise not to be too long-winded (well, I do).

I’m working on a card set edition of my second book, #itsnevertoolatetofallinlovewithyourlife, like Buddhist lojong cards if you know ‘em, you can set up the cards & read through one a week, 52 in all, with quotes, illustrations, commentary. It’s a guide to a mindful life—not a perfect life, not our best life, but a caring, present, feeling life. It’ll be crazy eco, no ink (algae, which is carbon negative), no plastic coating, not even a box (we’ll tie it with secondhand twine, ribbon, or thread from Arts Parts, a donation arts supply center). It’ll be lovely, support local jobs, & be 100% recycled so not one tree will suffer in the process. Then we ship plastic-free & unlike most mailhouses pay our dear staffer properly & she has a huge window to look out of & bathroom breaks galore & will draw a heart on your zero waste package.

Finally, soggy happy Peggy!

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Read 3 comments and reply

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