November 9, 2022

A few days ago, our beloved Andy Clark of Moxie Bakery left his life.

GoFundMe for his family.


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We just lost a legend, a heartfelt public servant & sweetie. We’ll miss you, Andy Clark of Moxie. Love you.

Every one of our words in honor of Andy​ is part of the song that we’re all singing for him, full of joy and connection and sadness and raw gaddamnness that we’re not gonna get to have him and his care and compassion and doing the good stuff not just talking or complaining about the lack of good stuff.

Thank you to everyone for expressing honor to him and his family now. Water to the soul. We’ll all have to carry on his give-a-care a little more, each of us, that’s how he stays with us.

Awfully sad timing; we need him so much now. It’s on all of us touched by him to carry his spirit forward—


Gaddamnit, Andy. And thank you for everything you offered up.

We always connected around craft. And joy and connection and supporting all others in this community who care, and integrity vs. growth in business and antiques and coming to Boulder or not, and your taking the time to tourguide the Lyons shop and tasting Millabrod again and again and debating about single use plastic and vegan and, I’m furiously shocked and heartbroken.
We need you now so much, so much. How could you leave us alone, without your smiling example?!

So much art and quality and joy and generosity and care, in a world too often so safely selfish and uncaring. You spoke up loudly and clearly around political or health issues whenever they involved giving a care. Just about every other business was chickensh*t.

We all have to care a little more, to make up for this loss. I love you and send love into the center of whatever caused you to leave us. May you be free.


An article I wrote about, and kinda with Andy.

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