November 27, 2022

“Did it hurt?”

Life is made hard and long by drama. A day is made hard and long by drama.

We are exhausted not by our empathy, or generosity, or even exertion—for we get back what we give in spades.

We are exhausted by not being genuine, by not being connected truly with ourselves. We are exhausted by being disconnected with this moment. We are exhausted by being disconnected with Nature. Our world is exhausted by our disconnection, and the aggression and useless exploitation that comes of it.

And maybe just maybe—hear me out here—the last few years have been extra long because we’ve voted for Drama Queens who love to fuel toxic hate and lies and platformed those who reject science to the detriment of millions of unnecessary dead and because of all the division we haven’t even softened and had a place or time for national mourning.

But maybe that’s just me.


Share your story, and let’s come together, right now, not around “balancing lies and truth” but around the campfire of community, with discernment but fundamental respect and non-violence, around kindness but also honesty, around deep breaths and finding what little we have in common, still. For even war does not relieve us of that Timeless Challenge: to learn to live together.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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