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November 16, 2022

invite only.

I’ve entered into a new stage of my life

Finally aware of how sacred my energy is

Finally open to see the truth of others

Integrity is a must for me.

Integrity of mind, body and spirit.

Those willing to tell themSelves the truth

Stand in their power

Their strength

Their purpose

All while keep their heart open

Those are my people

And everything else is a turn off

When in comes to playing in or having access to my field

I desire to breathe deep into the cosmos

Anchoring deeper into the earth

Creating intimate, unique connections

And playing in the Quantum field

I used to be scared to share that.

To speak from the essence of my heart.

Because let’s be honest, it’s easy to “not give a f^ck” what other people think when all they get to see is the mask you’ve so carefully selected

But it’s a much different energy to not be affected by the perception or reaction of others when you are being your full ass, infinite, Self.

Because then if the world doesn’t like you, you can’t hide behind the safety of your masks

It’s in those moments you are called deeper into your purpose, body choosing to honor all parts of yourSelf regardless of the repercussions.

It’s in those moments when your commitment to and love for Self shines through and shows you that it CAN and WILL uphold you. That you ARE enough. Now. Always.

It’s in this space new realities are created.

It’s in this space that Divine Connections are formed.

And it’s all I am here for.

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