November 4, 2022

The only Three Mindful Tips that matter, right now.

I did my weekly “Mindful Three Tips Fridays” videos and podcast, today. You can find them here. But all I wanted to offer were these three tips:

1) vote (I did, it was fun!)

2) make a plan to vote, have you?

3) encourage your friends to vote

Democracy is on the edge, this round—for the first time in my life it’s not about Republican vs. Democrat, ideas vs. other ideas…it’s about those who believe in voting, vs. those who believe only in winning.

The only way we all win is to learn how to live together. To vote, and protect voting rights. To address climate crisis fast and fully. To ensure equal protections under the law, for all.

Even the Civil War, as I write in my new book, didn’t change that eternal command: we must learn to live together. Violence doesn’t actually solve anything. It may feel good to be macho or self-righteous or hateful against the enemy, but it just makes things worse.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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