November 7, 2022

At this point, if you’re still on Twitter, you’re part of the problem.

Elon’s desperate, full of himself, and ethically vacuous. Twitter is over, thanks to his heady incompetence. Trump is over, too, thanks to Americans waking up to caring more about democracy than lies.

At this point, if you’re still on Twitter, you’re part of the problem. We left 8 days ago.

We’re voting.

We’re encouraging our friends to vote.

We’re grateful for a roof over our heads, and good, real food in our tummies.

We’re concerned about democracy.

We’re hugging our loved ones.

We’re listening to the response when we ask folks, “How are you?”

We’re concerned about Putin, and the rise of fascist weak power-hungry boys around the world.

We’re taking deep breaths through stress, speediness.

We’re putting our phone down and enjoying the present moment, a bird alighting on a branch.

We’re concerned about women’s rights, gay rights, equal rights, anti-semitism.

We’re skipping single-use plastic, which kills animals and directly fuels climate crisis.

We’re reading journalism.

We’re concerned about inflation, which is global, and housing prices, and the accumulation of extreme wealth by the 1%.

We’re concerned about the extremism that profit-seeking tech bros are actively encouraging.

We’re meditating, each morning.

We’re concerned about the takeover of the GOP by Trumpers who are more concerned about winning than [democracy itself] ensuring free and fair elections.

We’re meditating, each evening.

We’re bicycling, doing a little yoga, going for a walk, reaching out to friends and checking in on them.

We’re saying good night to the stars, each night. We’re saying good morning to the world, each morning.

We’re enjoying coffee, for-here.

We’re doing our part to tilt the world’s attention toward fighting climate crisis.

We’re asking you to vote.

We’re leaving Twitter.


These are our last Tweets.

These are our last posts under Elon’s twitter.

We’re pausing our investment of resources in this toxic platform and leaving behind our fancy blue checkmark and hard-won 200,000 fans on 6 accounts (@elephantjournal, @waylonlewis, @walkthetalkshow, @themindfullife, @mindfulsexy, @elephantboulder) until such time as moderation, AI ethics, and human rights staff are rehired. If Twitter somehow gains independence from Elon, and resumes its quest to be an ethically-run platform, we’ll return and I’m sure many others will, too.

Futureboy Elon just tweeted to urge us to vote Republican: to go backward on every front, including women’s rights. To allow a party in that’s just fine exploiting our climate crisis to crash our lives and cash in on our planet. To increase racism, trans- and homophobia, anti-semitism and hate speech. To vote for insurrectionists running to be in charge of our next Presidential election.

Elon says “balance the two parties” by voting GOP. There’s already a 50-50 split in the Senate, and Trump’s GOP just spent two years pushing: reversals of rights, wedge issues over solutions, election lies, trying to block everything the Dems tried to do on infrastructure, corporate profits over inflation (our economy is growing steadily despite the GOP’s efforts), and the destruction of our planet.

Vote Democratic. Vote for anyone who’ll support free and fair elections and fight for equal rights under the law and serving, not exploiting, We the People.

So, Elon, you’re making Twitter worse, and it was already half-awful.

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Note: we have some scheduled articles going up on our Twitter accounts over the next few weeks. We will no longer be actively posting in real-time, for a long time.

In comments, say if you’re staying or leaving and why. I joined Twitter in 2008. I’ll miss the best of what it was. I won’t miss the worst of what it’s becoming.


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