November 22, 2022

This here judgey environmentalist…loves to shop!*

Black Friday.

Only in America would we slow down for Thanksgiving, connect deeply around a meal after cooking together, and…then go shopping for crap made overseas that destroys our planet.

But judging ourselves, or others, while accurate and helpful if in view of ethics and our environmental impact, isn’t enough. We can Buy Nothing Day. And, we can treat that shopping as a fun family activity. The key is, whether alone, in a Friendsgiving, or wrapped up in family (whether toxic, or mostly wholesome)…is to be present, go deeper, and appreciate what we have while we have it.

And so, I’ll tell you a secret: this here judgey environmentalist loves to shop.

But I don’t do so at Amazon, or any chain or big box. I support local, plastic-free craft. And in so doing I find and maintain and nurture community. And that, in turn, enriches me. So look for a local craft fair. Purchase handmade gifts. Take a calligraphy or pottery class, and make gifts for folks next year.

For if we don’t invest in our own lives, no one else will.

And if we don’t care for our planet, it will quickly be far too late to pass on a lovely planet to our next generations. It’s already heating, drying, flooding, burning.

So let’s give a care.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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