December 23, 2022

Questions for Elephant Journal, What say you Waylon? (Plus, Waylon replies!)

“I am more than slightly confused at how Elephant Journal lists their writings now.

BEST ALL…according to whom? The rating? Nope. The date? Nope.

BEST NOW….listed (sorted?) according to date posted? Possibly. That is the only conclusion I can come up with.

ALL NOW…what the heck…so this is the Grassroots section. But it still isn’t sorted by date posted, so there is a good chance you won’t see the latest post unless you can patiently scroll to the bottom of the list (which hasn’t worked for me yet, my computer times out). I really liked how the articles, at least the edited ones, were listed by having the option to choose All or Latest…then I could see what edited articles were posted that day and I could actually read them ALL.

The way Elephant Journal is set up now…there are a lot of Grassroots authors I will never get to read (not that I got to read the latest post before this “tab” change) because I would have to scroll and keep scrolling until I could find the latest one posted.

And that is only if I could get to the bottom of the list. With the way things are set up now, I do not visit Elephant Journal as often because I know I am limited to the Edited articles.

And who really wants to be limited to what someone else tells them is “best”? Not me. If this is how Elephant Journal is going to be set up, then there is no point to me keeping my subscription. I like choices. And Elephant Journal just took away some of my choices…I can no longer choose All or Latest in the edited article section.

And I have wished for a long time that we had those same choices under the Grassroots tab. I even made my desires known by emailing Elephant Journal. I got a response, which was great but then now we have this new BEST tab thing going on. And it’s just not going on for me.

I hope the tabs are re-evaluated as to how a subscriber can best use the website since we pay for it.

What say you, Waylon?”

My basic reply is…we can do whatever we all want! We actually—I actually—want to make it easier to read Grassroots articles than before, so sounds like we’re on the same page here. Just list in comments specific changes you want, and we’ll work on it. The basic idea is to sort by Latest, Best (that’s chosen by readers reading, commenting, editor’s picks, the Ecosystem number), and we need to make improvements! Don’t give up on us—appreciate your suggestions, that makes community. I’ll look for any replies in comments. Or email me directly! Waylon at elephant journal dot com.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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