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December 28, 2022

ode to anger.

My anger loves me
My anger knows when I’ve been mistreated
My anger knows what I deserve
My anger knows when my mind, body or spirit has been violated.
My anger knows when I’ve been betrayed, when I’ve been forgotten, when I’ve been lost.
My anger knows what I’m not caring for myself, when I’m not putting myself first, when I say yes even though I should say said no.
My anger knows me and my worth.
My anger rises for me. Defends me, honors me.
Anger and aggression don’t go hand in hand. Just because my anger says hi to me doesn’t mean you’ll see it, know it, or feel it.
You see, my anger and me became friends, long ago, in the dark of the night. Like a merging of souls.
And my anger promised to always guide me into my highest good, honor my worth, stand for my best. To always speak truth to me, even when I didn’t want to hear it. My anger promised to hold me to the light.
And in return I promised to utilize it wisely, powerfully, alchemically, transforming it into the masterpiece it was before the world made it ugly.
To listen to its call and honor myself through its wisdom.
And together we move forward in love, as one. In acceptance and Grace. Wholly unholy, both darkness and light. Divine and human.
My anger is my closest friend.
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