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December 23, 2022

Waylon’s 3 Mindful Tips every Friday: Being Late, Buddhism’s “Drive all blames into one,” & Expressing Appreciation.


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis features:

Waylon Lewis is back with his award-winning video series and podcast.

He’ll be going live each Friday and starting out with three mindful tips each week, big & small.

Want to ask a question, or submit a mindful tip? We’ll include it if it’s good: comment here, or on YouTube, or DM @waylonlewis on Insta.


This week:

1. Organic community, Blue Zones, & being late—oh my.

2. Taking some responsibility, curiosity, & interest in growing; Buddhism’s “drive all blames into one

3. Express random appreciation! Do it! Once a day, say! Now’s good, think of someone and send ‘em a message.


“Being mindful doesn’t mean you’re perfect. Mindful means we’re trying to be present, to appreciate our lives, to show up fully, to dare to feel with vulnerability—meaning emotional intelligence. To communicate about the hard stuff. Mindfulness is, to me, a boring word for an exciting thing, which is living openly and empathetically, caringly, with some sense of responsibility, curiosity, and delight.”
~ Waylon Lewis 

Or listen to the podcast:


A note from Waylon:

Big news about my podcast, new YouTube channel.

Our podcast and video series are trying to start up again, with Molly’s help! Help support them by viewing, listening, sharing—we’ve received many requests over the last years for mindful tips and conversations and the podcast to return. Boom! I’m once again doing a convo/video/podcast once a week. Hope you give it a listen.

I’m leaving behind Elephant’s 35,000 subscribers (Google never let us monetize) and many millions of views—and I hope you’ll subscribe to my new channel here: I’ll upload at least one video a week about everyday mindfulness and eco and meditation and relationships and food and equality and politics from a non-hateful perspective, and all that good stuff.

⁠So, anyways, starting a new account. Subscribe! Support! Share! All the things. May it be of benefit! Be one of my first and comment if you do so.


For more mindful chats, go to elephantjournal.com/talkshow and follow us on Instagram at @walkthetalkshow.

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