March 24, 2023

5 Reasons I Write Every Day (& Why you should Too).


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In my school years, my fearest subject was literature.

My teacher usually required me to analyze famous writers’ poems, verses, or stories. But I didn’t understand why I should do meaningless homework like that. I couldn’t understand the story’s context nor feel the authors’ emotions. So, I thought writing was tedious.

However, since graduation and work started, I’ve explored diverse aspects of writing. And now, writing has become an indispensable part of my life.

Why did I say that?

Because I figured out more and more the benefits of writing over time.

Today I’ll share five reasons why I write every day (and you should too).

1. Writing Helps Me Make Friends With Myself

I used to be depressed after graduating. No one (even my parents or sister) could understand my issues and help me out. At that time, I wrote. I wrote daily to ask myself what I wanted, what was happening to me, and find out solutions.

By writing, I figured out that I put a lot of pressure on myself to look for a well-paid job like my peers. This expectation came from comparisons of my relatives and neighbours, not from myself. My true hope is to have an exciting career, get new experiences, and enjoy precious time with family. Finally, I turned my thoughts to positive things, worked toward my goals, and felt happy with my life.

After knowing the magic of writing to my life, I’ve started to examine more the advantages of writing for mental health. Harvard-trained clinical psychologist Dr. Sabrina Romanoff shared that diary writing could create cognitive defusion. It means journaling helps us separate ourselves from our cognitive, emotional, or mental pain. We observe negative feelings objectively instead of becoming overly clingy or absorbed by them.

Dr. Sabrina also emphasized that writing helps practice gratitude. When we write, we externalize thoughts to broaden our perspectives, extend positive feelings, and reflect on our emotions of thanks for the goods in our life.

So whenever you go through tough times, remember to write down how you feel.

2. Writing Helps Me Enhance Analytical and Persuasive Skills

I read a paper stating, “Writing is necessary to help the human mind to achieve its full potential.”

It’s suitable for my experience.

Writing helps me hone my analytical and persuasive skills.

At work, I usually communicated with my colleagues and partners via email. Initially, my writing was so bad that they didn’t know what I meant. They complained about my lengthy paragraphs (without dots, hyphens, or spaces) and my rambling messages.

But the more emails I wrote, the better my writing was as well as analytical and persuasive skills.

I wrote concise subject lines, separated long text with bullet points, and highlighted important sentences in emails. Thanks to that, I could monitor the flow of the conversation and make my arguments clearer. I also learned how to use the right words and effectively present information to each specific audience. My colleague was surprised to see my writing improvement.

These skills apply not only to my job but also to all aspects of my life.

I will tell you one example. You wish to travel abroad with your friends, but your parents don’t allow you to go. Instead of speaking without preparation, try writing and listing all the reasons your parents will use to prevent you from going then jot down the answers to these problems and tackle them. This step is simple, but many people ignore it because they don’t know the importance of writing it down. Writing can help you think clearer and deeper, so your likelihood of successfully persuading your parents will increase.

3. Writing Helps Me Exchange Values With New Friends Worldwide

After four working years, I started to share my experiences and knowledge with others.

I wrote my inspiring stories and posted them on Facebook. Many people commented and gave their opinions on my posts. This made me happy because I could connect with my long-time-no-talk friends and had new relationships.

Over time, I shared more about subjects I was interested in and posted them on social platforms or online magazines. Most of the commenters on these sites are strangers from different countries. They have the same interests as mine and are ready to exchange values and thoroughly research the subject with me. I can learn a lot from them.

My above experiences fit the Law of Attraction. Simply understand that when you write and share valuable things, you can connect with like-minded people. With many novel mindsets about similar situations with you, you can learn from them and see your life from another perspective. You’ll grow and feel happier day by day.

4. Writing Helps Me Find the Best Version of Myself

I used to see no further than my nose. In school days, I was one of the top students in class. I thought I was quite cool and knew a lot. But, honestly, everything I learned was superficial and limited by knowledge from my teachers and textbooks.

Since writing, I’ve read a lot. Books, papers, news, and stories from talented and educated people worldwide are accessible for my research, learning, and writing.

I write every day, and I feel happier. Why?

Because I know more and more deeply about the world I live in. I realized that I genuinely understand the books I read when I rewrite them under my perspective and my analytical thinking. I can release my limitations and become the best version of myself day by day. It is magical.

When you stop reading and writing, you can’t feel how magical the world is. And you also don’t know how magical you are.

Only when you accept reading and writing daily, you can learn more about the world and understand yourself. This will get you out of the rat race and let you enjoy your life.

5. Writing Gives Me A Potential Way to Earn Money

When writing better, I wondered if there were any ways for me to earn money by writing. After hours of searching on the Internet, I found many blogs sharing how to make money by writing content, landing pages, email marketing, and so on. Someone can even make a stable income (at least $5,000 per month) if they have excellent writing skills and patience to pursue this journey.

I haven’t gotten any money from writing, but I think all jobs start from zero. Many people succeeded in making money by writing. If I love writing enough, I can get a good income from my dream job like Benny Lim, a well-known writer on Medium. Benny had no experience writing content and encountered many difficulties at first. However, he overcame all hassles and achieved success by just writing every day.

If you’re new to writing, find a role model you admire and learn from them.

Then, practice, practice, and practice.

Write every day, regardless of how busy you are.

Now I’m ready to write! And you?


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