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April 11, 2023

How to Spark Your Creativity

I recently joined a group coaching program organized by David Gandelman. For my Insight Timer people, that name may ring a bell. David has over a million plays on his meditations, and his unique, lighthearted approach has attracted a devoted following.

Our paths first crossed 3 years ago. At the time I had just a few tracks on Insight Timer. I asked David how many meditations I should give out for free, and when I should start asking for money. His response is something I took to heart:

“Make as much content as you can and give it all away.” 

That sounded good, but I wasn’t ready. It was January 2017 and I was preparing my book to publish. (Which prompted all kinds of mental breakdowns.) Instead of hopping on David’s advice, it took me until July 2018 to start creating weekly content. Luckily, I made that move just in time. It may have led to why some of you are reading this.

In our first coaching call together, David talked more about creating content. He shared the practice of writing down our ideas and stories daily, so that later we can dig for the gold that may be in them.

What he said was familiar to me. Once a week I think about something I went through that is relevant, and create a meditation. I’ve worked that muscle enough, that even when I think nothing is there, if I open the blank page, something will show up.

Does it scare me? Every. Single. Time.

My narrative goes something like, “I’ve done every kind of meditation already, What else could I think of? People are going to get tired of this. I’ve got nothing left!”

The difficult part in going from idea to reality is what happens in between. The fear, the self-doubt, the relentless self-deprecating inner voice. It’s crippling.

That is why it’s the work we must do.

Everything you see, hear or touch was an idea brought to life. I’m willing to bet every creator felt some of that fear or doubt in the process.

What have you created? 

What ideas have you have you had? 

What have you wanted to pursue but have been too scared?

I hope the overarching theme of my creations helps you to have answers to these questions. Not only that, I hope it helps you to trust that you, Yes YOU. Have ideas that are just as valuable as Steve Jobs or Michelangelo. They are actually more valuable because they are unique to you. They are what gives your life meaning and helps you to know yourself more deeply.

We are all creators.

If an idea comes to you, try it on. If you don’t, it will float away to the next person.

I know you’re scared. I remember when I started writing, I was so scared to show my work, I set up an anonymous medium account so one could mock me. You can find a few of my writings from 4 years ago at the handle: @streamsofconsciousness I recommend the post: Feeling Lost

If you need to do something anonymous, start there. It may be silly to think, but I won’t be here today if I didn’t start that account. Each step grows our comfort zone.

How have you been stepping forward? 

Let me know how I can support your journey & your creations. Whether it be a project, business or the creation of peaceful & loving energy you share with the world.

I promise if your trust your ideas, you will see the value.


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