April 22, 2023

I’m thinking about running for local office. (No Fooling).

I’m thinking of running for humble modest challenging intimidating local office.

For many years, every few years, I contemplate running for Boulder City Council.

It’s a rite of passage as consistent as Spring itself, with its tulips and late snowfalls and merry robins and budding trees. This year, something’s changed. Well, two things.

For the first time ever, it’s possible to run for Mayor.  This addresses one of my main concerns, in the past—our excellent council members have, between the 9 of them, very little individual power to effect positive change. Together, they have great power, and each one plays a key role—no disrespect. But it’s a group effort, and it’s entirely possible to serve, study, meet, work hard…and fail to make progress on homelessness, climate emergency, or housing and affordability. And while the Mayor will have no more power than any other council member—they will have slightly more of a bully pulpit, or symbolic power—in leadership, in inspiration, in motivating and organizing, in awful tragedies and humble victories both.

Secondly, my work at Elephant has eased. For years I was always spinning six plates at once, and that got worse the larger we got. At 34 staff, I was in dozens of meetings a week, and had very little time to do the actual work that I was good at, and loved. That’s okay—that’s entrepreneurship, and growing up, and management.

But now, after the challenges of the past years, my job is spacious, fun, easeful. I get to interview thought leaders, famous folks, politicians, community organizers, environmentalists (today I featured a lady who’s an expert in…zero waste, and was about to appear at the White House). So, anyways, I have some time. I have some energy. I’m…almost bored. And that kind of ease is a healthy, fertile, stable ground from which to nurture public service.

So, I’m thinking about running for Council. Or Mayor.

I’m meeting with folks (have met with close to 50, already). Everyone’s been helpful, and encouraging. We’ll see. No promises. For like Spring itself, perhaps something will snow on my tentative interest. Or, perhaps, the timing is right—and it’s time to bloom into a new path.

Either way, my full-time work and service at Elephant will continue. It’s my joy and honor to get to play this difficult role in stewarding indie media and mindful community into, now, our 22nd year!

If I do run, I’ll go into the issues that inspire me, that need addressing (most urgently), both positive and concerning. Boulder born n’raised, I hope I have a platform that can bring folks together in this dear, challenged City that has, more and more, fallen into invective and polarization without enough progress or solutions, despite the wonderful work and efforts of many.

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Read 11 comments and reply

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