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April 18, 2023

New Moon Solar Eclipse: You Can Shine If you Want To

Hellooooooo beautiful souls,

How are you doing? Really, pause and reflect, how are you doing right now in life? What is coming up for you? What clarity are you receiving right now in regards to what is NOT working for you?

Why am I asking you such things right out of the gate?

BTW I share some activities you can do with this energy at the bottom of this email.

Well, this week, tomorrow – Thursday we have a really powerful gateway coming to its climax.  We have a hybrid solar eclipse.

Before I continue let’s pause together, go over some logistics and breakdown what is meant by a hybrid eclipse shall we?

I also just familiarized myself with this language and thought you would benefit from this breakdown as well.


What is a hybrid solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun & the Earth.

A hybrid eclipse occurs when –
”Hybrid: A hybrid eclipse is rare. It occurs when the sun and moon are positioned to create an annular eclipse, but as the umbra [shadow] moves across the face of the Earth, the Earth’s curvature reduces the distance to moon just enough to make the moon’s disk large enough to completely block the sun and create a total eclipse for a short time.”


The last hybrid solar eclipse took place in in November of 2013.


Who will be able to see the eclipse?

There are only three spots on Earth where totality will be visible and they are Western Australia, East Timor & Indonesia.  The time varies and for them it will be taking place on April 20 due to time change.

Now that we have a little bit more of an understanding of what is happening, let’s dive into the energetics.


Eclipse Season Spring 2023

Why is it called a season? Because it covers a specific amount of days, 31-37 and includes at least 2 eclipses.  April 19/20 marks the 1st eclipse with the New Moon in Aries and May 5 marks the 2nd eclipse with the Full Moon in Libra.

We are activating a deep clearing and reclaiming our power with Aries eclipse to open the cycle while Libra Full Moon eclipse will deepen the lessons and cycles needed to ensure we are taking the required actions and balancing our inner energetic systems.

This is time of personal growth and expansion.

Some interesting things on the global scale, but this email will be keeping things closer to home.


Sun in Aries + Moon in Aries = new cycle of leadership and integrity, the zodiac New Year as Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac.

Themes of activating your deeper purpose, clearing out the old setting up new roots, leaning on your inner fire as guidance towards your life’s passion/s, expanding what is possible in romantic relationships, not caring about other people’s opinions or what they are doing in their life, activating deeper levels of self respect and some more.

Let’s chat specifics shall we.

Eclipse energy is ILLUMINATING & ACTIVATING.  This hybrid eclipse is simultaneously closing a 10 year cycle and starting a new one.  What have you been working through since 2013?  Who were you 10 years ago?  Are there any remnants of who you were?  Are you still holding onto that life?  What life do you want for yourself?  Are you actively engaging with the vision you hold?  What are you inviting into your life to fuel the next 10 years?

This eclipse is clearing so much karmic residue from past lives in ways you may not even recognize.  Pisces took us on a very deep journey through the galactic waters and Aries is taking us into the body.  Many are experiencing physical symptoms and sickness as the body is purging memories and patterns from the body.  You have been doing deep work OR perhaps the shadow is getting louder right now so that you can make a decision that is in deeper alignment with your Soul and not your Ego.

Maybe you can see your fears more clearly now.  Maybe you have moved beyond unconscious self sabotage and recognize your patterns that betray you.  This eclipse is taking us on a ride and it is just the beginning as we journey through this Eclipse Season.


Sun, Jupiter & Moon square Pluto = a deep death of self has been transpiring and a new way of life is asking to be born through you.  This can feel harder as squares bring in opposition and a fight for who will come first.  Sun bringing in the Ego, The Soul and Spirit, Jupiter bring in unrelenting expansion, Moon welcoming Fear, The Psychic Body and Healing having a battle with Pluto that brings for death and transformation regardless of your Ego’s wants, fears or desires.

You may feel like you have no choice but to change something in your life and that is true to a certain degree.  We must choose, that is the power of free will and that is how we break cycles.

Life is playing truth ball with us all, are you willing to catch it?

If you do manage to catch the truth you will find yourself exploring foreign waters that will take you to a new place.

Sun + Moon + North Node = sextile Saturn = expanding deeper into personal responsibility to free yourSelf from the past (this life and previous life times).  This is taking control over time and understanding that time is what we make it.  It is an invitation to merge your deepest SELF into your life.  Sun, Moon & North Node all in Aries.  This is FIRE.  Your unconscious and your conscious mind are all in Aries leadership with the life path guiding you towards freedom, power, taking action, getting the jobs done and doing what you WANT to do.  Aries has no time for BS so stop making BS your priority.  If someone shows you who they are don’t take it personally, take it for what it is.  It is them.  Not you.  You do you boo. You deserve to SHINE.

Lilith is hitting A LOT of heavy points on this chart for us as well.  Lilith represents that suppressed parts of who we are, the parts that want freedom to breathe, to dance, to frolic through the fields naked if we so choose.  What parts of you want to come alive in this world? Will you let them free?

I also love that Mars is an active player in this New Moon Eclipse vibe since Mars is the ruler of Aries.  Mars is connecting with the Moon, Mercury & Chiron.  Solar Plexus healing related to areas where your voice was not heard, your body was not safe, you were not valued.  This energy with Chiron, connecting to both Mars & Lilith is a BIG indicator of what you are leaving behind.  You are the power holder now.

There are deep activations taking place and your life is showing you the way forward.  The emotions of the body, the physical symptoms, the lack of appetite or increased appetite, the desire to rest or move, these are all signs from your Self.  They are taking you on a journey, are you willing to go there?

This is just the beginning of a really deep Spring & Summer season.  2023 is NOT playing around.  We are here to move forward and create a life we want to be a part of.  We won’t get there by being the same.  How are you being guided to expand and transform? What is your body asking you to do? What creative ideas want to move through you? How can you give yourself some space and time to explore these questions?


Activities You Can Do To Explore The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries:

  • spend time in nature each day with the intention to clear and listen
  • have a vision board or manifestation session
  • reflect on the past 10 years and have a fire ceremony where you burn all that you are letting go of
  • reflect on the life you truly desire and identify any internal blocks/limiting beliefs surrounding these desires
  • move your body each day
  • create a daily practice where you connect to yourSelf and to all of Earth & Cosmos
  • gratitude practice
  • paint/draw/write/sing/dance
  • eat nourishing foods
  • coconut water
  • lemon balm/melissa tea
  • kundalini yoga
  • pranayama
  • anything that helps sooth the nervous system

There is so much I can say.  I may pop back in in a few days, I am not sure yet.

This is a time where we are really invited to honour our natural ability to create alongside the universe and I hope you find some time to yourself.

Happy eclipsing, we are in some really deep waters.

lots of love,


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