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June 18, 2023

Be Lucky in Love!

If you feel unlucky in love, it is time for you to try affirmations (positive statements) to build your confidence, so you believe true love exists for you! The minute you catch yourself having negative thoughts, such as, “I only attract losers” or “I am unlucky in love,” PAUSE and say the following:

“I believe in true love, and I know I will attract a loving and devoted partner. Our beautiful relationship has emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial balance. We are a perfect match for each other! We work through the normal challenges couples face with grace and ease. We work on our communication skills and ability to support and care for each other. We are committed to building a life together. How exciting and so it is!”

Read this several times a day and feel free to change the words, so they work for you. Every time you say this, take a minute to let it sink in. Feel your partner supporting and loving you. Let a warm smile spread across your face. You are going to feel so good about yourself and your confidence will soar!

This will help you change your mindset, so you start believing that you deserve love! You deserve to be happy and enjoy life! Stay committed to reciting positive statements, and before you know it, your positive energy will attract your soulmate!

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