June 30, 2023

The Burden of Repressed Emotions—& 5 Tips for Releasing Them.

In a world where rainbows and unicorns reign supreme, repressed emotions have become the ultimate underdogs.

From an early age, we’re bombarded with the advice to “just get over it” or compare our struggles to those of others. Insert the ever-annoying “it could always be worse” phrase here.

But let’s face it, brushing off our true feelings has consequences. It messes with our mental and physical well-being. Cue low vibration and an achy and tense body.

In this article, we’ll dive into the murky depths of repressed emotions, uncover their effects, and share some tips to set them free.

The Burden of Repressed Emotions

Emotional repression is like trying to hide a monster under our bed. Sure, it might seem like a brilliant idea, but it comes at a cost. All that energy spent burying our emotions can leave us feeling drained and lacking our usual zest for life (and don’t even get me started on the physical toll). Repressed emotions love to manifest as chronic fatigue, depression, and a delightful array of bodily discomforts, like muscle tension, pain, and digestive troubles. Ignoring our emotions can leave us feeling numb, on edge, and unleashing random fits of stress and anger. Seriously, that’s a heavy price to pay, don’t you think?

The Power of Emotions

Now, here’s a little secret I have found out. Emotions aren’t a sign of weakness; they’re the spice of life. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they do add colour to life. Emotions are an essential part of the human experience. The tricky part is that by ignoring them it only fuels their desire to be felt, leading to some unconventional and embarrassing attempts to get our attention. While expressing emotions appropriately is crucial, timing is everything. So, maybe save those meltdowns for the privacy of your own home instead of the supermarket aisle. Trust me, it’s for the greater good.

Here are five tips for releasing repressed emotions:

1. There’s no shame in seeking help.

If emotional liberation feels like navigating a labyrinth, consider consulting a therapist. They are really good at guiding you through the maze of emotional repression, helping you understand its roots, but personally I think the best part is that they help you to develop healthy strategies.

2. Get cozy with yourself.

Take a moment to check in with your emotions regularly. Whip out that journal, doodle your heart out, or crank up the music to unleash your inner Beyoncé. By reconnecting with yourself, you’ll identify and process your emotions with newfound clarity.

3. “I” am embracing my emotions.

Shift your perspective by using “I” phrases to acknowledge and communicate your feelings without judgment. Say things like, “I feel excited about that,” or “I am confused about this situation.” This simple trick boosts self-awareness and paves the way for self-compassion. You’ve got this!

4. Drop the gavel of self-judgment.

No, seriously, just drop it. Release the habit of harshly judging yourself for experiencing emotions. Instead, let those feelings flow and explore the reasons behind them. Feeling nervous? Blame it on that upcoming presentation and give yourself a break. Embracing self-compassion opens the floodgates of self-expression.

5. Share the emotional roller coaster.

Open up to trusted confidants, friends, or family members who won’t judge you. It may not be easy but start off slowly. Also encourage them to share their own emotions. This can make the process a whole lot easier. A circle of trust, anyone? Building a safe and supportive environment for emotional sharing not only strengthens connections but also fosters personal growth. Win-win, baby.

The truth is, acknowledging and expressing our emotions is vital for our overall well-being. Think of it this way; repressed emotions are like those unruly guests we’ve been ignoring for far too long. It’s time to invite them in.

By releasing the chains of repression, we can restore our mental and physical health, creating a life that’s juicier than a ripe watermelon on a hot summer day. So, get cozy with your emotions and embark on a wild journey of self-discovery and freedom. Remember, your emotions are valid, and it’s high time you gave them the VIP treatment they deserve. Let the emotional extravaganza begin!


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