June 3, 2023

Waylon features Sam Schacher on the Here4theKids Gun Violence Protest in Colorado!

See/listen to Waylon’s conversation with Shannon Watts of Moms Demand, here.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Waylon talks with co-host and managing editor of Daily Blast Live, Sam Schacher, on gun violence—& doing something helpful about it. {Video & Podcast}

Sam and Waylon talk over gun safety—and if you’re in Colorado, join her (and thousands of others) on June 5th. Listen to the conversation for what’s at stake.

On June 5th, the organization Here 4 The Kids is starting a national movement, beginning in Colorado. Their goal? To non-violently see Governor Jared Polis sign an executive order to ban guns and begin the process to buy them back. An executive order has been written and will be provided, ready for him to sign. Find out more about the movement here.

“I’ve learned a lot. My head has been in the sand. I will call myself out. I have been so privileged to not be affected by gun violence directly.” ~ Sam Schacher

“I’ve always been someone who really likes to reach across the aisle. I work on a talk show. I try and always see other perspectives, always. And I feel like if we can talk about uncomfortable situations, whether it be racism, whether it be the Second Amendment, whatever it may be, perhaps we can have a solution. Let’s tackle this together. Let’s end gun violence together.” ~ Sam Schacher

Our conversation: 

“As a mother, I can’t do this anymore. I’m not. I’m not going to sit by and wonder if I was not there on June 5th, would that have saved my child? I’m not gonna. I hope everybody is feeling this visceral reaction.

Because we can collectively change this. We the people, that’s what the Constitution’s about. If you wanna be all about the constitution, we can and we will change this because this is no way to live.

This is no way to live.

You think our mental health crisis is bad now? I can’t even imagine what’s gonna happen in 10 years when we look at the teenagers or the children that have undergone school shootings and lockdown drills.” ~ Sam Schacher

“Amendments are supposed to be changed if they no longer serve the people. Just as a reminder—they’re an amendment, not the actual Constitution. If you don’t wanna take my word for it—and you shouldn’t, nobody should take my word for it; you don’t know me—you should definitely do your own research.” ~ Sam Schacher

Or, listen to the podcast:

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