August 31, 2023

My Broken Heart is Overflowing With Love. {Poem}

When we met, I looked into his sweet, soft, beautiful, big blue eyes and knew…he is my man.

There was a deep connection, deep knowing that we were meant to meet.

We continued seeing earth other and it seemed he felt the same. I was over the moon when we got together after conquering many obstacles. These obstacles I thought were there to make us stronger.

But now I see it was the universe telling me things weren’t right. And deep down I knew. I just wanted it too badly. I knew he didn’t feel the same.


You don’t want to hurt me, because you think I’m too fragile to handle the truth, so you lie to me

You want to make yourself look better, as you know you’re a fool, so you lie to me

You want to please me, saying the things you think I want to hear, so you lie to me

Our love story has never been true and that has shattered my heart

Your smiles don’t make up for lying to me, as I don’t know they’re real 

Your apologies don’t make up for lying to me, as they’re not backed with action 

Your words don’t mean anything to me, as your default setting is lying 

You lied to me, for me to step up for the one who I’ll ever owe anything to this life

Thank you for breaking my heart as it is now overflowing with real love, pure love

The love that was there all along

The love that will always be



She’s always been there guiding me

She’s always been there holding me 

She’s always shown me the Truth 

It is her I can rely on, now and always 

She’ll never get sick of me

She’ll never look out for the next best thing, as her love is true

She won’t give up on me even though I ignored her for a while

She’s told me long ago, but I didn’t want to hear it

She’s been waiting for me all along 

She’s held me all along

She’s ever supportive and shows me the way

She is the earth that holds me

She’s the water that washes over me

She’s the sky that surrounds me

She’s the breath I just took

She’s the energy running through my spine

She’s in the beat of my heart 

May you finds this love 

May your heart be filled with true love

Know that I’ll always love you 

Know that I’ll always hold you

Know that my love for you will ever be true 

Fare well my friend 

Infinite love 


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Read 5 comments and reply

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