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September 17, 2023

Compassion Compass

In the world today, many of us feel unbalanced. I know I feel lost. I lost my sense of my true self since Covid hit. I feel like I am floating through life without my compass guiding me towards my true north. I feel I have lost my purpose as well. Where I thought I was headed now seems like an invisible line that if I squint, I think I can see it.

Compassion seems to have gone out the window as well. I show kindness and am met with aggression. When I ask people how they are, I actually get growled at like I said something mean to them. When people are hurting, I hear people say they got what they deserved. I search for warmth from the world and am met with a coldness that could freeze my heart it I let it.

The world needs a new compassion compass. I feel it needs to heal and come together, but I feel the fissions are deep and anger is long and saved up for two years. The world hit Covid and people still tried to show kindness until we stayed in it for another year. While in this mess we are living in if we see others in pain, other’s struggling, then I feel we need to help. Maybe in helping we can find our purpose again.

Compassion is defined as, “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others” The misfortune of others, that we can help alleviate, but we are lost and struggling on our own. How then can we all move forward? How can we begin to heal. One small step at a time. The cracks did not crack deep and wide at first, but the healing needs to be deep and wide.

Our world has seen wars, genocides, and many atrocities. These two years was a war on my soul. Could I still live, go out into the unknown and be, ok? My anxiety told me no. My anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks when Covid hit. It crippled me in a way that made life hard to breathe in. It made me lose my purpose, my goals, my true north. It swallowed me up and spit me out. I was now a shell of who I was before this mess.

I struggle with when and where I can go safely. I feel like I cannot be less then 10 feet from strangers. I feel like I knew what kind of person, artist, mother I was, and now I’m looking for compassion from others and finding blankness on their faces.

We are on the other side of Covid, but I know I am not the only one feeling lost, weak, and broken. I know we have work to do, you and me and everyone else. We need to fix our compassion compass and go back to helping each other.  Without each other to connect to, to talk our problems over with, or to come together to create something, we are all just floating through live without purpose.

May you and I find the grace we need to extend to others. May be work on fixing the fissions that still exist and may be all find our purpose and true north again. Get those compasses working for compassion again.

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