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October 22, 2023

How can we be of benefit…if we’re caught up in our own busyness?

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Mindful Mondays, with Waylon Lewis.

“Every Monday, I offer a mindful reminder for our everyday life.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

Hey friends, as some of you know…I’m an author of two books. And I teach writing classes in our online writing school, which is called Elephant Academy. And I’m running for local political office. And I’m social, and I’m raising a puppy. I’m crazy busy right now.

But—every November is NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month…and Elephant Academy offers a mindful consultation throughout the month with workshops, community, and social media posts.


Because the point of writing is not just to publish a book and be famous and pose in your tweed jacket with elbow patches on the back of your Great American Novel, and be revered by fans everywhere.


The point of writing is to be genuine.

Watch Waylon’s Mindful Monday video this week:


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Join Waylon for a (free or) pay-what-you-can workshop on Oct. 27th (coming up!) just in time for NaNoWriMo, whether you’re a longtime writer or just curious about writing.

The world is in a rush. Always busy, busy, busy…rushing from one thing to the next.

If we don’t allow ourselves time to rest or process our lives, how can we expect to write a book that is coming out of something more than speediness—how can we hope to be of benefit?

If we’re caught up in our own busy-ness, how can our voice ring true?


These take more than arbitrary deadlines.

To write clearly we have to set a helpful intention.

Let Waylon H. Lewis, author of two best-selling books, walk you through the process of finding your voice, writing your book through serialization, and publishing it independently to an already-avid community.

You won’t finish in 30 days. But you will walk away with more than a book. You’ll have written your way along the path of your own, unique right livelihood.

What’s included:

>> 60-minute live community workshop session with Waylon and the international Elephant community.

>> Event replay (if you absolutely can’t make it live, or want to revisit the class). Best to attend live to ask questions, participate.

>> Info re: Elephant Academy’s book-writing, money-saving bundle of self-paced courses: “How to Write, Publish, & Sell the Hell out of your Book: the bundle” for aspiring writers wanting to get your work into the world.

Register now:

How (not) to Write a Book in 30 Days, this November.


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