October 8, 2023

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce: the Love Story we Never Knew we Needed. 

In the last few weeks, one might say I’ve become a little obsessed with the potential romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Before the news broke of a potential romance between the two, I wasn’t a Swiftie (this is what Taylor Swift fans are called) nor a football or Kelce fan. I knew their names but they were just two people who existed in the world. One is a pop star. The other is a football player. That was the extent of it.

They hardly crossed my mind. Ever.

Earlier this summer, I accidentally watched the podcast that Travis Kelce hosts with his brother Jason Kelce, who also plays football and happens to play for my hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

It was the episode where Travis first spoke about going to a Taylor Swift concert where he had hoped to meet the pop star because he made her a friendship bracelet with his number on it. I was immediately intrigued. Although I assumed he was joking, something about his statement pulled a little at my heart. It was kinda sweet. He seemed kind of sweet.

I wasn’t the only one who was taken by his statement. The world caught wind of this and began to envision what would happen if one of the most iconic pop singers of our time gave this all-American football star a chance. My social media platforms were invaded by everything Taylor and Travis.

I literally couldn’t stop watching it.

And then the world exploded when, in fact, it looked as though Swift gave Kelce a chance by showing up to one of his football games.

But why did this get so much attention? Why were people losing their minds? And why was I so obsessed with these two?

I mean famous people date famous people all the time. Famous people marry famous people all the time. Famous people have children and build families with other famous people all the time. Famous people also divorce famous people all the time.

So why was this so different? Why did it feel like the entire world had fallen in love with this potential romance?

It’s because it is a love story we never knew we needed.

The romance between these two is right out of a novel or movie. And it’s happening in real life with real people, and it’s unfolding right before our very eyes. And we can’t get enough of it.

She is the sweet girl who has a long history of dating all the wrong boys. Boys who continue to break her heart.

He is the hot football star who is known for being a player who breaks hearts along the way. But everything changes for him the moment he sees her for the first time. He only wants her.

She, on the other hand, has recently ended a relationship and is busy concentrating on herself and her career. But then something begins to happen between them.

We are watching them begin the (potential) love story of a lifetime.

We want more. We need more. It is opening up feelings inside of us that may have died along the way. The world, and dating, has changed dramatically over the years.

Romance died.

We gave up hope.

Love felt lost.

And our only escape into hope, romance, and love came in the form of make believe—until now.

This potential relationship between Swift and Kelce is giving us something we have been craving for a long time. It’s the love story we often dream of. The love story we all want.

It gives us hope.

Hope that there might be someone out there for each and every one of us. Hope that what we have always imagined a love story to look like can come true. Hope that what we read in all those novels and watch in all those movies is possible.

The fact is that some of us have spent our dating life doing all the work to get a guy’s attention. With that came dating all the wrong men. Our faith in love deteriorated over the years and we just gave up.

But this love story unfolding before us makes us believe that happily ever after can happen.

It confirms that romance is far from dead.

There are men out there who still bring romance to the table. Who will go out of their way to get our attention. Who will look at us as though we are the sun and moon and stars. Who will stand on a street corner to tell the world how they feel about us. Who will defend us if anyone tries to tear us down.

A lot of us have never experienced true romance. No one has ever wined and dined us. No one has ever brought us flowers. No one has ever tried to win our hearts.

Love is the be all, end all. So when we’ve been hurt too many times, love becomes an optically illusion of sorts. We start to think love is something that someone made up. We lose all faith and give up on ever really falling in love.

So seeing this blossoming romance opens our hearts and fills us with a kind of happiness that explodes throughout our entire body.

It makes love feel reachable. It makes it feel real.

I don’t know what will happen with these two. Nor do I know how it will end.

But I do know this love story is bringing hope to our hearts. It’s reviving romance in our souls. And it’s making us believe in the magic of love again.


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