November 8, 2023

Election Results!

A sweet party with dear pals and community leaders in the backyard of the Trident. So much good feeling and confidence and optimism. Junie, Jill, Stephen, Brandi, Ryan, Amy, Karuna, Liz, Keenan, Nicole—so many others—thank you!

A bigger party at the Museum of Boulder, with fellow candidates Mayor Aaron Brocket, Ryan Schuchard, Better Boulder, Boulder Progressives. Looking out on the night city with Ryan and Rachel from the roof. And then we biked by the Velvet Elk for some hugs.

Cha-cha! May it be of benefit! 

It was a joy and a privilege to run. Everyone seemed to feel I’d win—but in the end, I lost.

Junie told me that 9,000+ votes (15K would have won it), or just about 8% (12-13% wins), is “amazing” on my own. I won by far the most votes of anyone without one of the two big slates.

So while I’m shocked at the strength of the tribes (though I shouldn’t have been, in this off-year election)—it was also a real joy, a real privilege to get to audition to serve in this way. I learned so much. Took a sad day and now I’m back at it.

Thank you to every one of you who actively showed up in any way, big or small!

I worked hard for it, was optimistic, but always acknowledged the math.

1. 90% of slate-followers (PLAN/Elevated vs Progressives) turn out. That’s great. They pay attention, they’re up on the issues, they passionately care. Those *are* small groups, population-wise, but they vote.
2. I had impressive widespread support, generally—signs all over town, in shops along Pearl, social shares and word-of-mouth, endorsements from prominent community members, six former mayors, email lists, Sierra Club and Better Boulder. But the larger population doesn’t pay attention to local elections ’til the end if then, and doesn’t turn out and vote in high numbers.

The math mathed. I earned far more votes than any other candidate who was slate-less. I’m proud of the campaign I run, that never got mean or personal or degraded, despite plenty of those attacks going around.

The moral of the story is folks want their team, want to judge folks on wedge issues vs. focusing on solutions, don’t want thoughtful nuance, don’t want simple caring. But am I bitter? No. I am sad.

But again: running for local office was such fun, and getting to know my community and our town far more deeply was a real privilege—and I am grateful to those of you who actively helped. Liz, Julia, Kate, Nicole, Keenan, the many others I thanks at my first party last night: thank you!

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Cha-cha! May it be of benefit! 

One Day Later: an Update ~

Inside this video update, Waylon talks about the value and benefit in healing/processing in sunshine and community, instead of being embarrassed, sad or disappointed by loss.

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