November 13, 2023

People Pleasing is a Dream Killer.

It is within each of us, our birthright to explore the joys of living.

A part of that living is exploring the gift of the continued adventure of evolving. Part of this experience comes from navigating the waves of absolutely everything that we all navigate on this journey.

It is not without pain.

It is not without struggle.

It is not without questioning our own internal vantage point.

It is not without loneliness or the emptiness that comes from loss.

It is also not without the sheer bliss of surrounding yourself with those who bring you to life, those who make your soul burst with the excitement of existing.

It is your job to exist as a vessel of possibilities, one who thrives in adventure, un-phased by the idea that you need to dim your light in order to please others.

Stop trying to fit into the identity that you found in the solace of your evolution. Keep evolving, because if you take that leap of faith in yourself, you will stop being consumed by the thoughts of what you might lose and instead harbor the elated sense of what you might gain on the other side if you continue to venture on.

Every single one of us will suffer, struggle, doubt, and have fears. We will come up against the edges that, if we allow them to, will burst the soul open to brand-new possibilities.

You will feel fear, but at the same time, that fear can turn to excitement, exhilaration, and the anticipation of taking that leap into the unknown.

Leap anyway, and you will set yourself free.

Do not be afraid to let go of those things that keep you in the framework of an old identity.

It is not your job to make sure others feel comfortable with your newfound sense of self.

It is your job to pave the way so that they too may leap into their abyss of possibilities.

It is waiting for all of us. Do not stop yourself because others are comfortable when you hit your own mediocrity. Mediocrity gives us all the chance to plant seeds in the realm of excellence.

Human nature resists change, while simultaneously thriving on the sense of the adventure of change, but in the face of a new horizon, most of us will come up with all the reasons why we can’t, who we will lose, or what we might suffer or endure.

So we stop opening new doors, making room for that eternal unknown.

We look to others for their permission, approval, or advice.

It’s not bad to want to seek confirmation, but the reality is every single person on the planet has within them a greatness that they’ve barely even begun to unveil.

And what you see, how you perceive, what you are aware of, and the vision that you want to bring to life, it can rarely be seen by others in the exact same way.

So stop waiting for an expert to validate your genius; stop expecting the heavens to sing your praises; don’t expect those who are functioning from mediocrity to be happy for your newfound sense of intangible greatness.

No one can see, hear, taste, touch, perceive, or even implement what you know.

So stop trying to convince yourself that you aren’t capable.

If it is within you, if you have the vision, then you have the resources to make that intangible vision come to life.

You are the conduit.

I see clients for a living and do my best to support the greatness inside of them. Most only need me for a moment in time…I simply act as a conduit for their truth.

Anyone coming to see me who begins to depend on me, I tell them, my target is to get them to fire me.

I am not the source.

You are.

You are the source.

You are the conduit.

You are the truth of your own unfolding.

You are the evolution you have been waiting for.

We all have within us the resources, the courage, and the vessel with which to pave our own way. Just sometimes along our path, we become blind to our own shortcomings as well as blind to our own genius.

There is no one and nothing more powerful than your spirit—and when your spirit meets your satisfaction and fulfillment for your own unique brand of adventure, you become unstoppable in the face of everything.

May this encourage you to take the leap, listen to the season of change, and leap when the weather is prime for your evolution. You’ll know. Because when it’s time, you won’t have to force, you won’t have to doubt, you may feel a surge of energy rushing through every vein in your body, pumping with blood so loud that you might feel like your heart will pound out of your chest. Then it will be time.

Ask the Universe to make it easy, make it obvious, make it fun.

Work on aligning yourself with receiving your ideas, and then allow them to unfold.

That is where your spirit will meet the wind of adventure that sets your soul free.

And when that happens, you will be your own source, open to receive those lucky enough to collaborate, create, and support with you, and you in turn will be blessed by your presence.

Everyone is a gift on our evolving journey.

It is our responsibility to take the leap!

And when you do, say hello, surrender to your own becoming, and know that this too shall pass so that you can get ready to go on another adventure.


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