November 28, 2023

Want to sell your car? Car-free biking tips.

I bike yearround, have done so for 15 plus years now, and not in a macho way. It’s easy, generally, and fun.

I keep it simple. No goggles in the winter, just good gloves, good hat (bill to keep snow out of eyes is helpful) with ear muffs, I basically wear an Elmer Fudd hat. A big collar on your coat is helpful. If you’re warm, you’re good. You’ll want breathable layers, not just plastic/down coat, I prefer secondhand wool. Good boots/socks for warmth, long johns. All of this is pretty basic but key.

Biking in the snow is easy, take turns gradually. You’ll get it over time. Ice is the opposite, and not something to mess with. If there’s any ice around and you’re biking, take side roads so you won’t be a b-bump for the car or truck tailgating you (they love to). Generally, defensive driving is key as 1/4 of cars/trucks are actively distracted with their phones etc, even on turns which pisses me off and impresses me simultaneously. You’ll want a little tread on your tires, but don’t need much. Fenders are key, a ring-ring bike bell is key so folks can actually hear you and get out of the way on the bike path. If you’re on an ebike don’t go so fast you’re gonna kill a pedestrian, and pedal assist is best.

Two big bright paniers, you can get so many groceries etc in there. I like the bungee cords for extra storage you can get at McGuck, they’re wire, so won’t droop and get caught up in the spokes, which is dangerous. Good lock(s), I usually have one or two on a bike, all combo so it’s easy, keys are a pain and slow you down. I love the straight locks that unfold, not sure what they’re called. Ulocks are hard to lock to a lot of things. You don’t want wimpy locks generally. For day-to-day biking, I love upright handlebars, easier to see cars/look backward and be comfortable. I add a safety flag, lots of reflective tape (ugly your bike re bike theft!) and Safety Pizza.

The plusses: free exercises, shitty commute in car becomes best part of day on bike, no parking fees, vip instant parking spots everywhere you go, folks wave at you/community/you’re not in a bubble, mental health., save on gas/insurance/time and cost exercising.

Happy to answer any specific questions as all of this may have been not what you’re looking for..!

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