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January 20, 2024

How to get ready: The Year of the Wood Dragon is nearly here. (Feng Shui Expert Anjie Cho with Waylon Lewis).


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

In this episode of Elephant’s long-running, award-winning podcast and video series Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, Waylon catches up with one of our favorite Walk the Talk Show guests: mindful feng shui expert Anjie Cho (click here if you missed their Feng Shui 101 talk). They get into mindful feng shui tips to welcome the new energy into our homes for 2024 this Lunar, or Eastern New Year.

Plus, Anjie expands on the meaning of the Dragon and the Wood element so we can better understand and prepare for the coming year.

“On February 10th, a lot of the world will celebrate Lunar New Year. It’s also called the Spring Festival, and it’s a celebration of the Spring. It’s when we celebrate that transition, from the previous year to the new year.

We’re currently in the Year of the Rabbit, so we’re just saying goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit and we’re welcoming in the Year of the Dragon.” ~ Anjie Cho

“2024 is not only the Year of the Dragon, but it’s the year of the Wood element. So that’s another aspect of the chi—the life force energy that’s coming in this year as we’re leaving the Water Rabbit.” ~ Anjie Cho

Each zodiac animal has a different relationship to the Dragon and for the year 2024. Find a list curated by her of every animal, their corresponding years, and a mindful aspiration for you to contemplate in this Year of the Wood Dragon. 

A clip of our conversation: 

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“Wood element is active, actually. It’s the energy of Spring. The color green is associated with it, and it’s about things moving and action and growth and activity.” ~ Anjie Cho

“There is a difference between the Eastern dragon and the Western dragon.

The Western dragon is something like The Game of Thrones—super intense, fire-breathing, often evil, having a negative, kind of dangerous feeling around it.

The Eastern dragon is more benevolent.

Both fly. Both are mythical. But the Eastern dragon actually doesn’t blow fire out—they bring water. They create the rain, the clouds, or the storms. 

The dragon is a rainmaker, which is important in older societies, and now, when we understand water is a valuable resource. They’re magnificent. They fly. In the whole [12-animal] system, the dragon is the only mythical creature.” ~ Anjie Cho

Or, listen to the podcast:

“I’m a fire dragon. So people think, okay: “yes, I’m a dragon. This is my year!” But from the Asian perspective, we actually look at it as a challenging year—because when it’s your animal’s year, you’re actually sitting in the year’s seat. So it’s insulted by you. So it’s actually a challenging year, and I tend to look at it as…you may start to look at the shadow parts of yourself.” ~ Anjie Cho

In the full video, Anjie and Waylon continue the conversation by talking about simple feng shui tips you can use to mindfully welcome new energy into our homes this Lunar, or Eastern New Year:

Find the Full conversation, here.



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