February 28, 2024

A Manifesto for Deep & Honest Connections (Inspired by Oriah the Mountain Dreamer).

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This poem originated from a writing exercise inspired by Oriah the Mountain Dreamer, particularly her widely known poem “The Invitation.”

Oriah revealed that she crafted it as part of a writing practice, which served as a wellspring of inspiration for the words that follow.

This approach is a potent means of delving into profound needs and inner priorities. If you sense the beckoning, give it a try.

It’s remarkably straightforward: utilize the writing prompts “I’m not interested in/I don’t care” and “I want/I care.” Commence writing and observe what unfolds.


I’m not interested in the stories you tell about yourself; I want to see if your tales come alive in your actions.

I’m not interested in your career or money; I want to see you taking care of yourself without sacrificing your deepest needs and the earth that holds us.

I’m not interested if you’re normal or weird; I want to feel that you silently or loudly live your truth, even if it’s the same or very different from the norm.

I’m not interested in extraordinary achievements; I care if you can be present with the ordinary and fully embrace the magic of every moment.

I don’t care if you look at others like you look at me; I care that you treat everyone, including myself and yourself, with love and respect. I want you to hold us sacred without devaluing any other being.

I’m not interested in fancy stories of heroism; I want to see how you transform privilege into silent responsibility. I want to see that you use your power to empower and your wealth to enrich.

I don’t care if you leave me if the time is ripe; I want you to commit to me in a love that is alive and truthful. I want you to empower me, and for me to empower you to take the courageously needed steps for ourselves and the whole.

I’m not interested in promises from last year or month if they’re not true anymore; I want you to feel safe enough with me to break your promises and tell your messy truth. I want to feel the raw courage in your heart that dares to betray others to stay faithful to yourself.

I don’t need your promises or pleasing words; I want you there when it matters. I want your silent actions to speak out loud.

I don’t need you to rescue me; I need you to lay down with me when I fall, without drowning yourself. I need you next to the hole in which I fall, reminding me about the light inside out.

I don’t care if you are pretty or tell things that sound perfect; I want to see if you can see the beauty in what is judged, what is abandoned, in yourself and others.

I don’t care what you say about who you are; I want to see if you can let an identity die when discovering new things about yourself. I want to see how you are with me and others when you are triggered and hurt.

I’m not interested in always being happy; I want us to stay connected in messy moments and hold a wide space for uncomfortable imperfections. I want them to be a part of us.

I don’t care about winning the argument; I want us to stay present when we fight and stay loving when we disagree or can’t like something about each other.

I’m not interested in how popular and known you are; I want to see how you treat the people around you—strangers and lovers—and want to see if they’re uplifted or pressed down. I want to see if you extend your love for me to those who matter to me.

I’m not interested in making you the villain after your mistakes; I don’t care that you fail. I want to see how you hold yourself when you’re wrong. I want to see how you hold accountability and, at the same time, hold your integrity—knowing that a mistake never justifies a violent rebound.

I really don’t care if you like all of me or if I like all of you; I want to feel loved and love those parts that are not liked.


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