February 20, 2024

On Growing up Buddhist & the origin story of Elephant Journal. ~ Waylon Lewis

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Waylon Lewis with Scott of Stillpoints Yoga podcast/video on Growing up Buddhist & the origin story of Elephant Journal.

Waylon Lewis on The Story of Elephant Journal, The World Renowned Online Yoga & Wellness Magazine.”

This conversation with Buddhist, author and entrepreneur @WaylonLewis from @elephantjournal is a fascinating insight into the growth of one of the world’s most popular online yoga & wellness magazines.

Waylon shares with Scott Johnson about how growing up in a Buddhist family, school and culture helped him to grow Elephant Journal. Waylon also shares: – About growing up in a Buddhist school. – How loneliness taught him about contemplative practise – How he began Elephant Journal – How Elephant was originally a yoga magazine. – Why he called it Elephant Journal – How he began practicing yoga – How Elephant compared with Yoga Journal and other publications. – How Elephant gave anyone the opportunity to write on the platform. – How Elephant used pop culture to bring people to understand spiritual traditions. – What clickbait is. – How Instagram and Facebook changed the way we relate to each other. – How EJ is now becoming a Community platform where anyone can write. – The most important reading from his new book: ‘It’s Never Too Late To Fall In Love With Your Life’.

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