March 26, 2024

Do you Airbnb?

Do you Airbnb? Why/why not? Which do you prefer? ⁠

“Hotels. As someone who lives in a popular tourist beach town, PLEASE BOOK HOTELS. Airbnb is the direct cause of our rental shortage here.” ~ comment⁠

Same kinda comments/signs in mountain towns in Colorado, too, I remember.

In Boulder, my hometown, it helped take many properties off the rental market, raising rents and lowering available homes for locals. It also resulted in dead neighborhoods…an eerie quiet, particularly downtown, where community died. It also encouraged 2nd and 3rd home buyers, etc etc… (a lady in Halifax had 18 houses in Airbnb and Vrbo). ⁠

So we made a commonsense regulation: if you lived there, you could rent out a room or house or backyard mother-in-law apartment. It would help you pay your mortgage, and it wouldn’t be killing the community.

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