April 22, 2024

I Know We’re In Love and I Know You Know, But…

I know we’re in love and I know you know, but…

I appreciate the eager steadiness of your hands I first discovered in the reading room,
the hands that write your words,
the hands that rest on folded meditation legs,
the hands that choose the right hat from the collection for your day,
the hands that band together karmic lessons into a quilt for our family,
the hands that touch kind food, crafted goods, and handmade mugs,
the hands made kind by their inherent extension from your heart,
the hands that hold mine as your lips press into the other side of my hand in yours.

I know we’re in love and I know you know, but…

Studying our aloneness brings me worlds closer to you.
Seeing your face on a crowded screen lights a fire in my heart…
Especially seeing you in person across a rushing Broadway Street,
Or standing alongside the shelter at the bus stop
When I hop off.
If I could run across snowmelt with you and the dogs in the backyard, I would.
Until then, I gather treasures from a life before, meet your hand in mine, to enter a life beyond.

Stepping through in friendship, love and loyalty



I know we’re in love and I know you know, but…

I’d like to list the touches

I appreciate from you:

When you massage my shoulders from behind

When you put your hand on my sacrum 

When you put your hand on my chest

When you stroke my hair

When you kiss me unexpectedly

Holding hands

Holding gloved hands

Giving my cold toes a home between your warm calves

When you put your arm around me at the just-right angle so we both fall asleep

The touch of your lips anywhere and everywhere

For W <3

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Read 11 comments and reply

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