June 20, 2024

How I feel after last night’s Debate. {A list of Biden’s accomplishments to share with your friends}

Update: Biden’s back, as of this morning (the morning after the debate).

Biden may have slowed or had an off night, but he’s sane, kind, honest, and has a great team. Trump is a lying conman, hateful, divisive, selfish.⁠

No doubt that debate was rough. But turnout of “the choir” matters too, so I’m going to keep talking to those who care about demoracy, and to those who aren’t sure which way to go.

Reminder: we’re not looking for confident lies. We’re looking for truth, service, caring about democracy. We still have that with Biden and his Admin.

PS: Why don’t all “news” organizations offer live fact checking on screen like NY Times’ live coverage!? We should have had this years ago.


I’m not just voting against Trump. I’m voting for Biden. Here’s why:


Too old? Low polls?

That’s the rap, the media line, the common wisdom.

Then folks actually get out of the social media bubble, see him interviewed at length unedited with Conan, etc, or as the OP says look at his accomplishments, his return to decency and stability (and, yes, boredom or normalcy is part of that) and he looks, on paper, like one of the all-time greats. There’s a lot of reasons to vote FOR him, not just against Trump.

Yes, this election is ringing a five-alarm fire for democracy, and we need to turn out and vote against Trump for voting rights, gay rights, women’s rights, protesting rights, the liberty to criticism our government, climate crisis (we miss this cycle, we’re cooked).

But Biden has accomplished so much: 

“I live in Missouri and we got $600 million so rural communities can have high speed internet. It’s a part of Build Back Better.”

Year One (all credit to u/backpackwayne)

Highlights from Year One

    • Reversed Trump’s Muslim ban
    • Historic Stimulus Bill passed
    • Ended the war in Afghanistan
    • Reduction of poverty levels by 45% along with reduction of child poverty levels by 61% by the first 6 months
    • 5 Rounds of cancellation of student loan debt totaling almost $10 billion
    • Passed largest infrastructure bill in history
    • The unemployment rate dropped from 6.2% when Biden took office to 3.9%, the biggest single year drop in American history.

Year Two

Highlights from Year Two

    • The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
    • 3 Additional rounds of student loan debt cancellation (8 rounds so far), totaling up $35 billion for 20-40 million Americans
    • First major gun legislation in 30 years
    • CHIPS Act to protect American supply of semi-conductor chips
    • $62 billion worth of health care subsidies under the ACA (Obamacare), capping insulin at $35
    • Allows Medicare to negotiate 100 drugs over the next decade, and requires drug companies to rebate price increases higher than inflation
    • Unemployment at 50 year low

Year Three

Highlights from Year Three

    • Got republicans to publicly take Social Security and Medicare cuts off the table by tricking them during the State of the Union
    • 6 More rounds of student loan debt cancellation (14 rounds so far), totaling up to $127 billion
    • As of October 2023, 34 straight months of job growth, longest stretch of unemployment below 4% since the 1960s
    • Child poverty rates fall from 12.6% to 5.8% due to Biden’s Expanded Child Tax Credits, 2.9 million kids escape poverty
    • World’s best post-pandemic recovery, doubles all nations except Japan
    • Created 14 million jobs since he took office – More than any president in history did in four years (and its only been 3 years)
    • Black unemployment rate lower under Biden than any other administration (4.7%) – Compared to black unemployment under Trump was 2nd worst number in history, reaching over 16%
    • Diversity in justice: Majority of Biden’s appointed judges are women, racial or ethnic minorities – a first for any president
    • Rail companies grant paid sick days after administration pressure in win for unions. Most people will only remember that he forced rail workers to go back to work in December 2022, even now that will be the top answer if you google “Biden Railworker Deal”. But most people do not know that the Biden administration continued to pressure the rail corporations and work with the unions so that in June 2023, the corporations capitulated and gave the rail workers what they wanted. Biden knows how to work politics and knows that the real work isn’t done with the cameras on you for a soundbite, but in the background where people can debate without a fickle public watching every move.

Year Four (so far)

Highlights from Year Four

    • Another round of student loan cancellation, $1.2 billion this time, 15 rounds so far, totaling more than $128 billion
    • Growth shatters expectations: GDP expands 3.1% – a year beginning with heavy odds of a recession
    • Post-pandemic recover still leading the world by far
    • Plan to modernize American ports
    • Rescinds Trump-era “Denial of Care” rule that allowed health care workers to deny medical care to patients because of their personal religious or moral belief
    • Violent crime drop significantly since 2020
    • $5.8 billion to clean up nation’s drinking water and upgrade infrastructure


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