Roseanne Harvey

Roseanne is a writer, editor and geeky girl who lives and loves life in Montreal. Her blog It’s All Yoga Baby, is one of the most popular Yoga blogs on the Internet. As the former editor of ascent magazine, Roseanne isn’t afraid to use her media literacy skills to call out the hypocrisies and contradictions of modern yoga. She is all for dismantling the dominant hegemony of rock star teachers, expensive class fees and designer clothes/accessories/products. She also loves supporting progressive yoga projects, innovative and independent teachers, and general awesomeness.
Rather infamous for being an overt voice against the commercialization of yoga, these days Roseanne is more interested in how yoga intersects with daily life, activism, politics and culture. While still fascinated by the ramifications of the popularity of yoga and its representation in popular culture, she has faith that yoga will maintain its integrity.

Comments, questions, ideas? Get in touch: [email protected] or @itsallyoga_baby in the Twittersphere.

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