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December Winners

#1 Nunzia Stark $108

Why we’re So Emotionally Exhausted & Depressed During the Holidays.

#2 Damini Grover $108

Coping with Emotions: 7 Signs of Emotional Immaturity.

#3 Michelle Schafer $108

Why We Need to Stop Searching for Love—& 12 Questions to Ask Ourselves Instead.

#4 Roopa Swaminathan $100

I Didn’t Realize how much I Missed Speaking Multiple Languages until I couldn’t do it Anymore.

#5 Gemma Malak $90 Editor's Pick

“I Will Sit with you Side by Side & Bring you Tea in the Morning—Even when we don’t Like Each Other.”

#6 Sophie Gregoire $80 Editor's Pick

My Fertility Journey: How I Found my Power in Taking the Unconventional Path.

#7 Karuna Schwartz $70 Editor's Pick

A Pema Chödrön Quote for When we Feel Unsettled.

#8 Damini Grover $60

Welcoming 2023 with Reflections & Intentions: 8 Powerful Lessons I Learned in 2022.

#9 Melissa Patrick $50

My Name is Melissa & I’m an Alcoholic.

#10 Bonnie Tai $40

Ditch New Year’s Resolutions & Ask Yourself This Instead.

#11 Damini Grover

6 Ways to Support Ourselves When Anxiety Strikes.

#12 Linda Maria Jones

Express Yourself with Vivienne Westwood: 6 Quotes to Help us Embrace our own Style.

#13 Kimberly Valzania Editor's Pick

There’s Just Something About a Bicycle.


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