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December Winners

#1 Anna Palmer $108

Cancer Full Moon & Last Full Moon of 2023: Letting the Heart Guide us Home. {December 26}

#2 Roopa Swaminathan $108

I’m a Bore, I’m totally Uncool & I’m A-Okay with That.

#3 Roopa Swaminathan $108

11 Grief Quotes that are helping me Heal during the dreaded Anniversary of my Loss.

#4 Damini Grover $90

Are You Settling “in” or “for” a Relationship?

#5 Cassandra Michael $80

4 Steps to Overcoming Anxious Attachment.

#6 Michelle Schafer $70

Stepping into 2024 with Courage, Curiosity & Compassion: 15 Reflections we all Should Make.

#7 Liz Hoffmann $60

Gerry who? 10 Reasons why the Women of “The Golden Bachelor” made it Worth Watching.

#8 Mathew Karinen $50

Coming to Grips with Grief.

#9 Kathleen Altarelli $40 Editor's Pick

New Year, New You & the Impact of Toxic Positivity on our Mental Health.

#10 Melinda Reece $30

5 Ayurvedic Holiday Recipes.

#11 Kate Rose

The Divine Synchronicity & Meaning of The Full Moon in Cancer on December 26.

#12 Cheryl Melody Baskin

December 2023: What to do when we Can’t Feel the Joy that Hallmark Wants us to Feel.

#13 Michelle Burge

New Year, Same Tools: 10 Things I’m Doubling Down on in 2024.



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