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Our “Ecosystem” makes it easy to Get your message out to thousands—& get paid.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Elephant is independent, and mission-driven—and despite having (slightly) fewer resources, we believe in paying our writers to offer quality to our readers.

Elephant was one of the first major sites to pay our best, consistent writers. But it was always hard to measure “best.” Now, we are introducing weekly payments to the top 7 articles on Elephant based on their Ecosystem Score—90% determined by our readers’ actions: reads, hearts, comments, shares, and 10% determined by our Editor’s Picks (so that mission balances popularity).

Note: When folks both get perfect 10 scores, we use the number of reads as the tiebreaker.

June 14th – June 20th Winners

#1 Alan Samuel Cohen $300

The 16 Questions to Turn your Chemistry into Intimacy.

#2 Sarah Harvey $150

Don’t Lose her just Because you’re Afraid.

#3 Elizabeth Crowell $108 Editor's Pick

How Not Giving a Sh*t Landed me my Husband.

#4 Leigh Greenthorn $108 Editor's Pick

Inner Monologue of a Fat Girl.

#5 Mariza Smith $75 Editor's Pick

A Technique to Come Back to your Center—before you Properly Lose your Sh*t.

#6 Matthew Salis $75

Alcoholism is a Disease: Let’s Treat it with Science, not just Willpower & Meetings.

#7 Dina Al-Mahdy $75

The 5 Love Languages, What they Are & Why they Matter.



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