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Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Elephant is independent, and mission-driven—and despite having (slightly) fewer resources, we believe in paying our writers to offer quality to our readers.

Elephant was one of the first major sites to pay our best, consistent writers. But it was always hard to measure “best.” Now, we are introducing weekly payments to the top 15 articles on Elephant based on their Ecosystem Score—95% determined by our readers’ actions: reads, hearts, comments, shares, and 5% determined by our Editor’s Picks (so that mission balances popularity).

Note: When folks earn identical scores, we use the number of reads as the tiebreaker.

June 4th-10th Winners

#1 Janis Isaman $200

Is it a Gut Feeling or a Trauma Response? How to tell the Difference.

#2 Tiffany Timm $108

How to Show Up When someone is Struggling.

#3 Amanda Van Graan $108

What Loving an Emotionally Unavailable Man has Taught Me.

#4 Billy Manas $108

We had Sex for 30 Days Straight & This is What Happened.

#5 Ashley Monkman $75 Editor's Pick

A Native Family’s story of Generational Trauma.

#6 M. Gutierrez & S. DeNofa $75 Editor's Pick

The World is Gaslighting our Accomplishments: Recognizing our Achievements is not Narcissistic.

#7 Mahein Kazi $75

Hate Begets Hate: When will we finally See all of Humanity as One?

#8 Jessica Tibbles $50 Editor's Pick

Shame was Never ours to call Home: Reclaiming our Body, Pleasure & our Right to have Both.

#9 Cindy Galen B. $50

3 Heartening Ways to Let Go of Inner Guilt & Shame.

#10 Justice Bartlett $50

“I am Not your Queen”—I Want to be Naked (Not Crowned).

#11 Sweta Srivastava Vikram $50 Editor's Pick

What to do if your Mind is coming after your Post-Lockdown Body.

#12 Marjorie Warkentin $50

5 Nuggets of Wisdom on Setting Boundaries.

#13 Janis Isaman $50

From a Woman’s Perspective: What the Heartbeat Bill doesn’t Address.

#14 Jennifer Rizk $50

It’s been 4 months Since my 2nd Covid Vaccine Dose—& Here’s why I’m Loving it!

#15 Christine Stump $50

Yin Yoga: How to Change Structures by Living in them Differently.



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