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#1 Anna Palmer $108

Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse: Resetting our Foundations. {October 28}

#2 Damini Grover $108

The 10-Letter Word that kills Relationships & How to Work through It.

#3 Ashley Franklin $108

The Ex-Files: Unpacking Emotional Baggage after Reuniting with a Past Love.

#4 Cassandra Michael $90

5 Signs You are Becoming more Securely Attached.

#5 Roopa Swaminathan $80

How 30 Minutes & a WhatsApp Message kept me from Being in Israel on October 7th.

#6 Edie Weinstein $70

65 Things I Have Learned in 65 Years.

#7 Ashley Franklin $60

The Real Meaning Behind 222 (or Why I Thought I Broke the Matrix).

#8 Nicole Baptista $50

12 Adyashanti Quotes to Remind us that We are More Powerful than We Think.

#9 Rebekka Lehmann $40 Editor's Pick

For when Suffering is all Around.

#10 Damini Grover $30

The Most Important Thing that You’ll ever do for Yourself.

#11 Maureen Honeycutt Editor's Pick

I Belong to the Motherless. I am Part of the Left Behind.

#12 Yael Terramel Weisbach

I am an Israeli Member of This Community—& I am Scared.

#13 Sharon A. DeNofa

The Moment we Stopped Fighting, I Knew it was Over. 


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