October 21, 2023

Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse: Resetting our Foundations. {October 28}

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It has been a time of continuous awakening for so many of us.

Amidst collective travesty and tragedy, we can’t help but feel a little more bruised and battered for the wear.

There has been so much death and so much heartache. Some of us may have felt numb or disconnected from it all.

No matter what and how we’ve been feeling, there is an energy of change and huge transformation in the air. And sometimes that externally presents itself through chaos, destruction, and death. We honor the lives of all those souls no longer with us, and we can move into a space of understanding that this cycle of clearing out the poison and the violent energy on this planet is already underway. We are already moving through it. And, that can look a whole lot like things are getting worse. But, it’s really things coming into the light of day to be seen and released.

This energy has been with us for some time now, and especially was the last two years as we moved through those deep Scorpio south node energies. And stepped deeper into the Taurus north node building foundations. We are no longer actively working with those energies, but they have remained with us into deeper integration and assimilation in the collective field.

Especially so because we will be having our final Taurus lunar eclipse on that Scorpio/Taurus axis on October 28 at 4:25 p.m. EST, and at 5 degrees of the fixed, earth sign, so perhaps even more reason as to why these similar themes are being felt.

Taurus energy is Venus ruled, fixed, and focused on building a life of value, of securing foundations beneath our feet for the long journey and long haul. Of returning to the basics of life, of making sure we have the resources we need to take care of ourselves and each other. Of grounding back into this reality, feet on the earth, hands in the dirt. Of connecting back to the living beings, the plants, the teacher beings, the food and nourishment we source and feel supported by. Taurus energy is a welcomed energy amidst a shifting, changing, often emotionally intense eclipse season.

We have been in the void, between two eclipses, as we had that Libra new moon and solar eclipse on October 14. Things got hairy and weird. And lots of energies around relationships were percolating and simmering in the shadows of our subconscious, made conscious realities. We got to see what energies have been driving us in our relationships with self and other, with parts of self, with aspects of self and our emotional selves.

Libra season got intensified with these eclipse energies. We were asked to look at things that weren’t super pretty or comfortable. As if we were being pushed through yet another birthing canal. And, lord knows we’ve had many of those already. Our energy might have felt thwarted and depleted, or hijacked by our sense of wounded self, feeling our wounds extra ripe and raw, as Chiron continued to oppose the sun in Libra and show us these fractals of self.

Eclipse season is always a huge question mark. What’s it going to bring? Who will I be at the end of it? And yet we won’t know even after this next one maybe even for months to come. All we can do is keep showing up and making the most of this human life and journey. And some days, we do want and need to bury our head away in the sand and nestle our bodies in a blanket just to get through the day’s energies.

We have now exited Libra season and entered Scorpio season on October 23, of which we will remain for the next few weeks. Scorpio season comes just in time to spook and scare us a little (or a lot), or excite some with the depth of self-discovery we can make along the way.

Scorpio energy is deep, complex, emotional, psychic, and in tune with the subconscious realms. Nothing above the surface will do. This energy asks us to go deeper and feel our way through. All the way through the alchemy of self-transformation. Of turning the muck of our inner shadows into the gold of inner power and alchemy reclaimed. To fully surrender to the depths of our emotions and know that they have deep medicine for us.

Scorpio season can bring up the fears too. The places we want to run and hide. But running and hiding is no longer working anymore. We can only evade the truth for so long before it hits us over the head and forces change upon us.

The Taurus energy is a necessary counter balance here for us. To allow for the deep sea diving of Scorpio season and also to invite us to reconnect with the simple aspects of life. To come back to our foundations in the physical reality, our self-care, the ways we take care of our bodies and beings and put more energy there.

Many of us have been rebuilding our foundations. A literal move to an island in the Pacific Ocean. A severing of a marital tie. A cutting off from family members in hopes that repair will happen in the space of disconnection. A whole new home and reality. A quantum jump into new timelines. Creating it as we go. And yet, there is still much fear and uncertainty of future outcome of sustainability we are sorting out.

Taurus energy asks us to build secure and stable foundations so we can succeed. So we can find our safety and security in the new. How committed are we to that change? Our level of commitment is a devotional practice, the deepest spiritual practice. To showing up and doing the uncomfortable things to secure the needed change. To allowing for the growing pains and not make them or ourselves wrong about any of it.

This full moon and lunar eclipse is deep and rooted in our foundations. The foundations we are tending to like we are tending to the soil and earth of our inner and outer gardens. Pulling away the deadened, rotting decay of old growth. Letting the weeds fall by the wayside. Enlivening the earth with seeds of new hope. Watering the buds of growth with delicate, sacred care to our own soul’s becoming. To embodying the bodies of our beings as a daily practice, and finding great grace and compassion when we are still learning not to be afraid of the power we carry. Of being present with ourselves and the changes we are undergoing. None of it wrong. None of it up for judgment. Because we are changing, as we were always supposed to.

Taurus energy is the growth. Can you see and acknowledge just how much you’ve grown and blossomed already? Since a year ago? Since five years ago? We really have grown and evolved from our older, outdated forms, even if we are still sorting out how to lay them quietly to rest. We are learning as we go that the self we are becoming is so worthy of facing those fears of death and the void between death and the new birth.

Libra season was the setup for deeper letting go. As Libra rules our south node letting go point, we have been pushed to face our relationship patterns and see them for what they are. Where are we still playing out a smaller version of self in the hopes that we will get the love we need through another?

We have outsourced this love for so long it can feel so foreign to source that love from within the self. It is not through form that we find love, but though love, love finds the form. We give life to what we love. We give form to what and who we love. Love is the currency of it all. And it may continue to change forms, but it never is lost.

Many of us have been letting go of pained patterns in relationships with others that no longer serve us and that may require an actual letting go of the person that form has taken. But, in letting go, we trust even deeper for love to remain whether in love returned to self or love renewed in relational healing.

This full moon will be in a wide conjunction to Jupiter, which could amplify some bigger themes and energies of this Jupiter transit. Of which we are being asked to expand into the growth of new foundation building. To reset the foundations in our lives to ones that deeply support and nourish us on all levels. Yes, Taurus seeks safety and comfort and what is known, but Jupiter wants to expand and grow us beyond limitation, into more supportive and sustainable foundations of growth. Our emotions could also feel more amplified under this energy, both positive and negative. So tend to what is rising up in you with great care and compassion.

The moon will also be widely conjunct Uranus retrograde in Taurus, which adds an emphasis on quick, accelerated change and unexpected developments. Uranus energy is fast and quick-hitting, so we can prepare ourselves to be surprised. Uranus seeks innovation and change to get us moving and on the right path. And in Taurus, it is here to shake the foundations of stagnation that no longer support our future growth.

The sun in Scorpio will be opposing this Jupiter energy. A time to see our consciousness illuminated by what’s possible. The new version of self we are becoming. And, yes, that can be scary for many of us clinging to what is known and familiar. But our expanded sense of self is coming back online. Ready for us to step deeper into its energy of possibility. Of expanding us into truer form of self. Rooted in our truths and hearts.

Pluto recently turned direct on October 10, a few days before the solar eclipse. A shift could have been felt. A stepping out of those deep Plutonian energies of death, rebirth, transformation, and facing our fears. Pluto energy doesn’t play around. And the past few months, we were steeped in its energy of change and transformation. Of seeing and deeply feeling our fears and still choosing to move forward into growth. Pluto is still back in Capricorn, and many of us can feel like the lessons are never going to fully end. Pluto truly wants what’s best for us, but it can feel relentless and brutal moving through these longer cycles of growth.

Saturn will station direct on November 4, ending its retrograde journey of showing us the needed discipline and responsibility we needed to take for our lives and the foundations we are building. Of the dreams we are creating. Of the dreams we have created. Of the spiritual responsibility we have in this lifetime to keep going despite the pressure, hardship, and relentless challenges. To build that inner strength so solid and unshakeable that no matter what storm comes to disrupt our path, we don’t forget our commitment to this life and continuing to choose to show up and do the work.

Saturn in Pisces will continue to work with us and support us for the longer haul, though, asking us to keep bringing our visions and dreams to life. The dreams that scare us? Yup, especially those ones. And, please give yourself a huge congratulatory applause and hug for the dreams you have chosen to go after these last six months. Because we truly have done so much already around facing our fears of the unknown and stepping into the dreams calling to us.

This eclipse season has been anything but easy, but what eclipse season has been? We are all feeling and healing so much all at once. And some days, it and feel like we are getting crushed by life and our wounds. Scorpio season is a time to go even deeper into these emotions, but with the Taurus energy, allow yourself to feel resourced and tethered to the here and now, as if you have a line or a string threading its way back to you. Present. Embodied. No matter how far out the emotions pull us. Even if we feed them with our own energies and dramas, may the tether of our foundational self always remind us how to come home. Back to safety. In safety first and foremost is where we feel most secure to dive deep. Remind yourself you are safe. You are here. You are secure. You are rooted.

Allow this full moon and lunar eclipse to illuminate the roots of you. Your foundations. The stability beneath your feet, even when the storms quake and shake. Even when the world stage is so intense with violence, horror, shock, and death. Even when your inner ghosts, ghouls, and demons stir and come alive in the nighttime. Even when you have a hard time befriending yourself and being an ally for yourself. Even when life has shaken you to the very core of you, and you no longer know who you are or who you are becoming. Even when the ghosts of the past continue to haunt you. Let it be enough that you are here, in this body, this exact form your soul chose to take. Let you being here be enough. Because it is. You have always been enough. Nothing wrong. Nothing broken. Nothing in need of being fixed or even healed. But more to welcome home to yourself. To call home to the wholeness of you. Divinity in the alchemy of your own homecoming.

Let the eclipse break you free. Of needing to heal anything at all. Of needing to figure out the lesson. Of needing to know what’s wrong with you. Of needing to do anything at all but be and show up for yourself and your loved ones, embodying the love that you already are, a love that you don’t need to earn, prove, or show yourself worthy of. Remember. Remember. Reroute yourself back to remembrance of truth as many times as needed.

No one ever taught us value in being, so we must teach it to ourselves, and give ourselves lots of grace when we forget.

As we continue to shift and change, and reset the very fabric of our inner and outer foundations, let the earth hold you. Let the earth support more, not less, of you. Let the earth tether your roots and nestle your bones. In the words of poet Mary Oliver, “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

So let your body love what it loves. And love it more back. Let. This. Be. The. Foundation. Of. Love. Rooted. In. You. As. You. Coming. Home. To. Love. Embodied.


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