June 24, 2017

How to Positively Charge Anything under the New or Full Moon.


The moon is empowering and spellbinding whichever phase it is in, however, when the moon is full or new, it has super-charged energy so I utilize these nights by holding sacred rituals.

One ritual I practice on every new and full moon is charging my personal items with lunar energy. I place my items beneath the moon and stars so that the universe’s natural energy is transmitted to my items to cleanse, reenergize, and recharge them.

A new or full moon is the optimum time for cleansing and recharging items as they are periods of releasing and letting go of negative entities.

The most common items to charge under the moon are crystals and precious stones, however, I use my intuition to choose which items to put out and then place out an array of items so that they can soak up the moon’s potent energy and be cleansed and boosted with charge.

In particular, I set out the items that are connected to my passions. For example, writing poetry by the lake is something that fills my soul, therefore, on significant moon days I set out pencils, pens, and paper, along with the blanket I sit on when I am writing.

I also regularly cleanse and charge my crystals, stones, tarot cards, talismans, jewelry, acoustic guitar, and often a piece of clothing such as a neck scarf, or even my running shoes if I have planned to go for a long run. The moon not only recharges, but also magnifies the energy the items hold.

The moon sends out a potent enchanting vibration that charges items with creative, prosperous, abundant energy. Therefore, whenever I use my lunar-charged items, I feel inspired, motivated, and confident of my ability to manifest and create whatever it is I desire.

Everything in the universe is made of energy, and energy holds either a positive, neutral, or negative charge. Physical items pick up energy continuously, in a similar way to how our mind constantly absorbs new data. Not all energy is healthy and harmonious, so it is beneficial to energetically cleanse important items regularly.

To cleanse and charge an item, we focus our intention on dissipating the vibrational memory the item holds. This ensures the item is freshly renewed and cleared so that it can then carry new energy that is in alignment with our current phase of life, rather than carrying old energy from our past.

In many ways, this is a “letting go” practice in which we release stagnant energy to make way for the new.

Charging items under the moon is a simple practice. All that is needed is a candle, a bowl of water, and the items we wish to charge.

How to perform a new or full moon-charging practice:

If the items can be washed, then rinse them under a faucet or in a lake or the ocean before placing them in the chosen area.

Fill a bowl with water and add a sprinkle of natural sea salt. Sea salt is used in cleansing exercises, as salt is known to absorb and neutralize negative energy upon contact.

After sunset on a full or new moon, place the bowl outside on the ground so that the moonlight can reflect on the water (if it is a new moon and there is no illumination, the water will still absorb the lunar energy radiating from the moon).

Light a candle and, if preferred, also burn sage to cleanse the space around you.

Place the items you wish to cleanse in your hands and raise them up toward the moon. (We do not need to do this part of the ritual with all items—the larger items can be placed directly on the ground and we can save this practice for our jewelry, stones, or smaller sacred items.)

Relax into a light meditation and once the mind feels balanced, inhale deeply, slowly lower your items, and gently blow over them while maintaining a calm, positive mindset. Blowing on the items dusts away harmful debris or discordant entities that may have attached to them.

Close your eyes and envision the universe’s energies penetrating the items while saying a prayer or chanting an affirmation.

This is one I chant:

Divine energies of the Earth, moon, and stars,

Unite and fill my items with a positive, abundant charge,

With faith I send out heart-centered gratitude.

If the items can be left in water, then place them in the bowl—otherwise place them next to the bowl. I bury certain items, such as jewelry or talismans, in the earth so that Earth’s energy can realign and recharge them, as well.

As you place them down, say out loud the intention you would like to set for the item. If all you wish to do is cleanse the energy, then say, “I ask for the negative energies to be transmuted and replaced with positive energies.”

If the area outside is not secure, you can leave the bowl and items indoors on a window ledge.

Leave the items spread out so they can charge through the night.

Sit outdoors, in the lotus position if comfortable, on the morning after the new or full moon. Light a candle and cup one item at a time in your more dominant hand, with your least dominant hand cupped underneath.

Set a clear intention for the item so that it will serve a specific purpose. Configure the energy by voicing the intention for it, for example, “I ask for my item to be charged with creative energy,” or, “Whenever I wear this necklace, I wish to remain grounded and centered.”

Focus on the vibrations emanating from the item while inhaling and exhaling deeply. The vibrations from the item will subtly radiate through you and interact with your own energy. Imagine your energy and the item’s energy are one. This reaffirms your intention for it.

Swap the item to your least dominant hand, with your more dominant hand underneath, to balance the energy throughout your body.

The item will then be programmed to your intention, and each time you hold it from that moment onward, you will reconnect and realign with your chosen intention.

If you hold your item in your hands and focus on radiating high-frequency waves so that your item becomes infused with love, light, warmth, and respect, you will feel a stronger resonance and even deeper connection with it.

If you only want to cleanse your items and do not wish to set a new intention for them, simply gather them up on the morning after the new or full moon and continue to use them as normal. Either way, the items will now hold a high, powerful lunar charge and each time you hold them you will instantly feel infused with the moon’s fresh and revitalizing energetic charge.


If it is a cloudy night and the moon is not visible, the practice will still be effective.

The items can be placed directly on a natural surface or in a dish, whichever is preferable. It may be better to choose an option high up, a table for example, so that small animals do not take the items.

Although I have recommended placing items out under the new or full moon, they can be placed out on any night of the month to receive lunar energy.

Items can be cleansed and charged twice a month, twice a year, or as often as you would like them to be; it is personal choice.




Author: Alex Myles
Image: Author’s Own; Brian Minear/Unsplash
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Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman

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