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21 Diwali/ Corporate Gift Ideas for your Business Employee

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November 2, 2018
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With the ever growing and competitive corporate world evolving at a light speed, organisations are realizing the importance of the human resource that they have to excel and provide high quality products and services to their clients. It has therefore, become imperative to put in strategic efforts in employee welfare. Wishing and exchanging a gift on special occasions has become one of the trends followed to create that personal bond with the employees. This has ushered in the era of corporate gifting.

Organisations want to surprise and make their employees happy by giving unique and functional gifts in order to express gratitude for their contribution to the business. This has given rise to a separate sector providing products and services designed to fulfill such initiatives.

While there are numerous corporate gifting items available in the market, choosing the right one for your employees can be quite challenging.
In this blog, we bring to you 21 gift options that you can consider giving this Diwali and few tips on how to decide the best one that fits your purpose.
We have categorized the gifts to make it furthermore easier for you.
Diwali is a Hindu festival of light and signifies the victory of good over evil. It is one of the most traditional event in the Hindu calendar. Here are few traditional gift options that you can consider. However, the drawbacks of choosing from this category include limited customization option available and not very secular.
1. Sweet boxes

Sharing sweets with each other is one of the oldest way of celebrating Diwali. Initially, organisations gave sweet boxes to employees during the occasion. It will never go out of style and mostly welcomed by everyone. However, with the increase in health conscious individuals, organisations prefer avoiding this option.
2. Dry fruits

Health, rich and easy to manage, this is a good option as a gift to be distributed.
3. Ganesh idols / Diya sets

Ganesh idols are considered to bring good luck. While this is one option that you can choose which is easily available in the market, it also depends on the religious composition of the entire employee population.
Gifting something that the employees can make use of is one the best ways to go while deciding what to give. There are countless products available in the corporate gifting catalogs which are not only with functional value but also can be customized with your brand logo and message. Few of these gifts are as follows:
1. Planners / Diaries / Scratchpads 

No matter how many devices we carry around, a diary is a must in most of the office set ups. Also, maintaining a personal scratchpad to scribble thoughts and ideas while on the move is quite trendy these days leading to a full range of diaries with quirky designs. Have a quote that conveys your message printed on the cover page with your logo and you are good to go!
2. Pens

This is another gift item which is in demand due to its utility, possibility to personalize and low budget requirement.
3. Wall Clocks and Watches

Desk accessories like watches helps to beautify a work desk while showing the time.
4. Pen drives

Pen drives are usually required in every office. A customized pen drive is also an excellent promotional tool.
With ever growing health awareness, gifts that promote and motivate healthy lifestyle is much appreciated these days.
1. Drink-wares:
This is one of the common desk item these days. Whether it is to keep your water warm and contamination proof or to sip your hot green tea, drink-wares in various types, shapes and sizes are available.

2. Home appliances like juice mixer:

Easy to use home appliances are easily available at very reasonable rates in the market.
3. Fitness tracker / Pedometers:

Devices to track the distance you traveled on foot during the day have become a necessity for health conscious individuals.
What best can you get if the gifts you give to your employees also promote your brand.
1. Laptop bags

Almost everyone carries a bag to office. Imagine the eyeballs you can garner by having your employees carry bags with your logo. It will also help to create a sense of belonging among your people.
2. Customized T Shirts
Official t-shirts are mandatory in few organisations. Giving them as gifts and motivating the employees to wear them on certain days during a week or an year can promote team building.
3. Key-chains

Useful travel accessories, custom printed key-chains can also be a promotional gift items for the corporate world.
4. Gift vouchers

Various brands design corporate Diwali gifts or offers. You can tie up with one that best compliments your brand and give away vouchers that your employees can redeem. This will also empower the employees to purchase something that they need without you having the hassle for getting the gifts delivered to you in time and distributing them.
We use multiple tech devices daily to make our fast moving life easier and comfortable. Below are options to consider..
1. Power banks

Most of our business conversations – voice, text or emails – happen through smartphones making it necessary to keep them charged every time. Power banks as a gift is one of the best options to be given to your on-field staff or employees who travel frequently like the sales force.
2. Bluetooth speakers

Listening to music is relaxing for most of us.
Many organisations are shedding away their all-for-business approach towards employee management and accepting more fun and casual approach. Quirky gifts are best options if that is what you are trying to do with your company culture.
1. Tea coasters

Having a quirky design or a popular Bollywood dialogue printed on a tea coaster along with your brand is a fun gift to give.

2. Photo Gifts

It is possible to print your photos on products like fridge magnets, canvases and photo frames. These can be personalized or custom printed with a common image from a cherished company event.
1. Gift boxes

Candies or chocolates in a custom printed paper box with beautiful and colorful Diwali design theme is very possible these days.
2. Paper weights:

Like tea coasters, paper weights are another interesting desk item to have.
3.Shot glasses:

It is a fun gift option whether to your employees or a loved one. There are possibilities of customizing with interesting designs and quotes to make them even more cute and cool thing to have on your office desk.
Here are few things to keep in mind in order to make the right decision while choosing the employee gift this Diwali!
1. Gifts with possibilities to customize and personalize
Corporate gifting, whether it is to your employees or clients, having your brand logo printed on them is a must! A message along with it is a plus. Personalizing each gift with the name of the employee will add that personal touch in just few letters.

There are various gift options that give you the opportunity to add a message to put across your corporate beliefs or your gratitude to the receiver.
2. Empathize with the receiver to know if your gift will make them happy
Think from the perspective of an employee, when you are gifting your employees. Imagine that you are the receiver, and what would be your impression of the company, when receiving a particular gift item. Your mind will act instantly on deciding whether the gift item could be loved or not. Shop for items that can be useful for them, like
3. Ask – “Will this gift make the employees feel part of the organisation?”
Gift such an item, that could make your employees think of themselves as integral part of the company. Your HR department can make a survey to decide which type of gift items could satisfy them. Few of the great gift ideas could be –
4. Gift as per the occasion
Choose gifts, that are based on the theme of the event on which you are gifting your employees. There are numerous gift options that are given traditionally on the occasion of Diwali.
5. Gift options that can be marketing items:
The gifts that you give away can work as an excellent marketing and promotional item as well. Here are some great gift ideas that can be satisfying to the receiver, as well as rewarding, from the marketing point of view.
6. Gift which can be in front of the eyes everyday as daily reminder:
Choose gift items that can be used every day by the receiver. This will make your employee think of the company, every time the item is used, and also remind them about your company on a regular basis.
7. Don’t make it look cheap:
Gift your employees, keeping in mind the demographics and gifting traditions, so that you do not end up disappointing them. Stick to branded items, which can make a great impression.

It is important that you set aside a budget for buying gifts for your employees on the occasion of Diwali, so that you do not have to hurry while shopping online for gift items, and fall prey to indecision.

Also, think from the perspective of an employee, when you are gifting your employees. Imagine that you are the receiver, and what would be your impression of the organisation, when receiving a particular gift item. Your mind will act instantly on deciding whether the gift item could be loved or repacked and given away to someone else!.

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