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6 Hard truths we must accept.

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July 18, 2018
Mahnoor Tahsin
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We are on a journey, a voyage of achieving the better versions of ourselves. Either we do it by realizing our skills or putting our dreams into work, emotional growth is required to face the challenges life throws at us. We need to be strong enough to not only accept the good life must offer but also the bad that is inevitable.
Bad experiences are a great source of learning. Accepting the reality of different situations can help us in being strong enough and ready enough to embrace them when the time comes.
Here are 6 hard truths that are an obstacle in our growth. Once we accept these, we can face many challenges easily.
1- We cannot be perfect.
The first most important thing is to know that human beings are not supposed to be perfect. We are all beautifully flawed. Anything that we hold to be perfect from a distance also has defects when magnified. Never chase perfection, always strive for greatness. To be better than yesterday. Accept flaws and mistakes. Know that they are an essential component of being human.
2- Not everything we wish of will end up being ours.
Sometimes we wish for things that are not good for us but as we are unaware of its outcomes, we keep hoping for it to happen and get depressed when it doesn’t.
Its only after a while when we connect the dots and realize how we were saved by fate. Know that the unanswered prayers are also a blessing. They teach us that not everything we dream of can be a part of our life. It’s not supposed to be a part of our life.
Working hard is essential to achieve a goal as an “oh well” is better than a “what if” but we must have the courage to accept it when we know it’s not going to be ours. An important part of growth is leaning to hear No.
3- There is no such thing as constant stability.
It is a part of human nature to achieve stability. One way or another we are all trying to be stable, whether its emotionally, financially or spiritually. We want our lives to be consistent. The only constant in our lives is change itself. To be able to grow, we need to accept that no matter how hard we try to make our life stable, free of problems, there will always be a new problem ready to be tackled. Know that life is a battlefield and we are no less than warriors.
4- Sadness is as essential as happiness.
We always welcome happiness whole heartedly but we have no spare room for sadness to settle in. Know that sadness is an essential emotion. It is a blessing in disguise, without it we might never appreciate happiness.
We should Embrace sadness just as we embrace other emotions. Accept it, let it in and know that this shall too pass.
5- Material things cannot give everlasting peace.
There are two kinds of people, one that chase material things all their life and realize it quite late that they were looking for peace in all the wrong places. Second are those who keep a balanced approach and accept that material things are not a substitute for genuine relationships, experiences and happy moments.
Take things as they are, material things are something we need. Peace is something we want to achieve. Yes, there is not harm is owning material possessions as they are a part of our daily life but lets not make them a source of satisfaction or an only way of feeling worthy.
6- Heart breaks.
Heart break is also one of the most essential truths for human beings to accept. Our hearts break several times in several ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to be through a break up. It will be through many things that matter to us.

Many things that we hold to be true all our lives, turn out not even close to what we assume. We realize many of our definitions are wrong and we have to change them with a heavy heart, we come across many of our flaws that we never knew existed. Many close relations become distant. We experience deaths of our loved ones. All these and many other things will break our hearts.
Do know that a human heart, as usually assumed, is not made from glass that will shatter on a harsh encounter. We are more like plants, we crack open when we break but with time flowers grow out of our wounds and sew back our broken parts. Human strength is applaudable. When your heart break, be patient, try to remember good aspects about people and situations, be glad that you could feel what you felt.

These are some of the most essential truths we need to accept and breakthrough, to be emotionally stronger. Remember, life is a combination of good and bad experiences and to live it fully we must embrace both.
Good Luck!

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1 Heart it! Mahnoor Tahsin 302
1 Heart it! 302

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