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7 Benefits of Fluoride Varnish

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October 26, 2018
Rana Tarakji
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We all want to have that perfect teeth. Not only do they make you look aesthetically pleasing, but they also indicate good hygiene. However, unlike what some people may think, a set of excellent teeth requires a lot of care, time, effort and even resources to be spent.

A lot of people have their own ways of dealing with getting the perfect teeth. Some have regular appointments at the dentist’s office while some make use of do-it-yourself techniques. There are also a lot of people who purchase teeth whitening kits and regularly go for the application of fluoride varnish. Whatever the case may be, it just goes to show that in today’s standards of beauty and culture, many are becoming increasingly fascinated with selfie-perfect teeth.

One technique that hits the spotlight, in particular, is fluoride varnish. Fluoride varnish is a gel-like substance that is applied using a soft brush. It has a fruity taste and a sweet smell sets quickly on teeth and provides an extra layer of protection to the enamel. Along with good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits, food and beverage intake, and cutting back on smoking, coffee, and tea, this fluoride varnish will prevent tooth decay and protect the teeth.

If you’re interested in fluoride varnish and your curiosity interests you about its benefits, here’s a rundown of 7 benefits of fluoride varnish:

It is easy on the pocket

Relatively, fluoride varnishing is cheaper as compared to other options. It won’t make a massive dent in your wallet and blow up your budget, so if you want a cost-effective alternative, you can’t go wrong with this. You will probably spend about ten to thirty dollars, but to be sure, make sure to consult your dentist. On the bright side, insurance usually covers fluoride varnishing, especially children.

It is generally safe

Fluoride is associated with high toxicity. In fact, it is even more toxic than lead. But in today’s time, toxicity involving fluoride varnishing in teeth no longer happens because it is virtually impossible to ingest or swallow the gel since it dries very fast, almost instant, and is completely safe even for children and toddlers.

It protects effectively

Fluoride varnish protects the teeth in a very efficient and effective manner. It stops the effects of demineralization, which causes tooth decay and weakening. For those who love to drink soda and soft drinks and other intakes that are acidic in nature, you’ll be happy to know that fluoride varnishing enhances the resistance of the enamel to hinder the detrimental effects of acid from plaques. Take note though, that this should not be used as an excuse to keep guzzling those “sinful” delights. It’s still best to cut back, which is not only healthy for your teeth, but you’re also doing a favor to your body.

It promotes remineralization

As stated earlier, tooth decay is caused by demineralization. Fluoride ions from fluoride varnishing treatment do the opposite- remineralization. This strengthens the enamel wall and makes the surface of the tooth stronger and less soluble, which means they will be less susceptible to damage from acidic plaques. Fluoride also prevents high bacterial growth, which, at high concentrations, produce acid which damages teeth.

It provides unparalleled comfort and ease of use

Other treatments would make you wait for about five minutes during application. Sure, it’s just five minutes, but imagine staying still, mouth open, for five minutes and having to do it several times? It’s uncomfortable and even embarrassing. With fluoride varnishing, the gel dries at an almost instant pace. It also has a fruity taste (of course you cannot ingest it though) and a pleasant aroma, which will never be a cause for discomfort. The entire process is also free from pain, so for those who are easily overwhelmed by pain- relax, you won’t be needing a shot of anesthesia or a dose of aspirin after.

It has no problems with side effects

The fluoride varnishing process does not have any side effects mentioned on any source anywhere unless of course, you use it in a manner which is not it’s intended purpose, so you can trust and rest assured that you won’t be dealing with a headache or anything after the treatment. In fact, its side effects are actually beneficial, which will be further discussed.

It comes with unintended benefits

The fluoride ions from the varnishing process, as discussed earlier, build up heavy remineralization of the enamel surface. Plaque attacks which are acidic in nature allow these fluoride ions to penetrate deeper into the tooth, protecting them even more at the deepest levels.

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1 Heart it! Rana Tarakji 61
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