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Addictive Life!!

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November 1, 2018
Saralee Cassidy
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Addiction is one of those over used words in today’s society and can be used in such a non chalant fashion to describe little fads and fettishes, external attachments that apparently one cannot live without such as: shopping, reality T.V, hand bags, shoes, white wine, red wine the list goes on! In fact with reality TV there is the possibility for any ordinary Joe or Josephine to access exclusivity and indulge in the riches of fame and a lavish lifestyle. Exclusivity no longer represents a rare commodity in the new age era of Essex potentials and Kardashian Klubs. Where one can become famous overnight in the A-cultural bubble of social media. So where does addiction fit into this?! Addiction in this vaccum lives in a mindless junkie space of ‘how it looks, yo!’ A world of steroids, big lips and Louis Vuitton handbags! Everyone is a possible accessory for social media! So, how is this addiction any different from any real addiction to a substance or alcohol?! Well it isn’t! As both deplete the soul and mind and destroy the capacity for creative free thinking and choice! Yet only the latter form can eat away at the body and soul of a human being from the inside out and will eventually kill its host with organ failure. Physical addiction is a vampire that leaves a human being zombified searching endlessly for the dopamine hit, it is the modern ailment for lovelessness. The running joke in the rooms of AA and NA is addiction ends in three states: Mad, Bad or Sad! Think about it!
See our tolerance for everyday mindlessness marginalises us from one ultimate truth:that if one doesn’t fit into the system, the system will make one fit into it! There is only one reason why a mother projects her fear onto a child and that is because she is afraid of society and the need for conformity which must be met at any cost. In a system ruled by speed, timetables, religious jargon, deadlines,bank loans, overdrafts and targets which, is grilled into every human being from childhood, is it is any wonder that ‘mindlessness’ and other substitutes provide for a nice escape from this unnatural, stress producing, competitive, dog eat dog reality. So in this world whether one likes it or not, whether you have a great attitude or adaptation strategy or not! There simply is no escape from the system.
Addiction is the result of an absence of love in a system that fuels itself on order and results and is a self destroying vampire that provides temporary relief from frustration and nasty human behaviour born out of competition.
Our whole society and world is designed to polarise people into a graded spectrum of two categories: those who make it or break the rules and those who don’t fit in and are frustrated with their plight! With varying grades of self acceptance and gratitude along the way. Yet the truth remains addiction is the escape, a one way ticket to zombie survival walk!
Addiction by its nature is depression and anger not turned back on itself as with suicide but attached onto an object of desire, the object of desire becoming the spiritual vampire of obsession, sucking life force, conscious choices and freedom away from its host and will continue to exist in a world that fuels the need for escape!
We live in an age of regression, the provision of quick fix solutions and ideas.  A world of memes, vines and quick distractions in media that take away the direct attention and contact with the true feeling of ourselves. An age where love is an idea, farthest from the  of mind of modern life is the truth that we are not living at all!
In many ways everyone has an addiction, an obsessive part of themselves, I suppose looking at the nature of obsession and how that makes us different from the natural world might be a a good starting point!  Perhaps to ask, what is the truth that I’m hiding from myself about my life! Embrace the  a void of existence! I think people are happier though living life numbly from the inside of rooms, the classrooms of mass production and distraction

What do I suggest,  I say look to nature and the natural world, direct connections, contact, communication and imagination that perhaps the solution to addiction is direct contact with life, exposure to truthful connection and love. X

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1 Heart it! Saralee Cassidy 16
1 Heart it! 16

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