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An Affirmation to Use Right Now to Keep Your Life on Track

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January 27, 2018
Ruth Lera
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You know what is really easy to do?

It is really easy to let our minds be in a negative loop cycle about what isn’t working in our lives.

This is so normal and ridiculously easy.

We have something that is frustrating us, that isn’t working out, that feels impossible and we just get stuck thinking constantly about the details that are bothersome.

Even when we know we are just whining, complaining and getting worked up about something small, something quite insignificant often, we just find we can’t seem to stop feeling negative and hopeless.

And perhaps we want to change this negative thought so we try to rationalize with it. We try to tell our minds it isn’t so bad, or convince ourselves we are just over-reacting. But even as we are trying to be realistic and embrace positivity the anxiety just escalates and now not only does this small problem feel impossible but our whole life feels like a failure and a mess.

Because of this tendency my suggestion is not to rationalize with the mind at all- it only gives it more fuel to work with.

Instead what we need to do is just change the channel, change the intention, change the focus.

When we believe our mind is creating our lives we become extremely stressed, and for good reason. Our minds are crazy!

I mean I know my mind is really crazy, I don’t want it running the show of my life.

Instead we can move away from the mind and towards another part of our systems that is ready to support us- our energy.

When we start to embody our energy and let the natural current of energy that is always flowing move our life along, then things can become much easier.

In this way when the mind is going crazy telling us constantly that our life circumstances will never work out we can just stop, take a breath, recognize that this feeling is normal and feel compassionate for the pain of it, and then make a change to connecting to our energy by thinking the words;

“I am open and available.”

Just try it now. Close your eyes and say t0 yourself;

“I am open and available.”

What does that feel like?

It feels really different then the worrying, right?

There is always energy available to support us, but we need to make ourselves available to receiving it.

This takes practice, this takes willingness, this takes self-belief and commitment.

But it doesn’t take effort.

We just have to align with being open and available to possibility instead of aligning with pessimism and worry.

The current of our life is always flowing, it doesn’t need us to stress about it. Just stick your own paddle in the current of your own energy and gently steer it towards love and service and you will be just fine.


Much Love,


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0 Heart it! Ruth Lera 65
0 Heart it! 65

Christy Williams Jan 27, 2018 8:13am

This was just what I needed this morning. Thank you, Ruth!

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